Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Now Repro Turn! (Super Long)

Salam 'alaik dear readers. :)

You might be asking yourself what Repro means by now, aren't you? Hehe, it's nothing but just a short for reproductive system, my happen to be current module.

So, today was the beginning of this module. We were told that we'll be having only 2 hours of lectures without introduction. Was a bit puzzled though but happy at the same time cause yeah, saves my time hehe. But, later in the afternoon someone posted in fb that lectures got extended to 3 hours. Haihhhhh plus the introduction. Ohhhh nevermind, it's not that big a deal, right.

Off we went to the class then. At 2 o'clock in the evening. Though honestly, that grand and eager feeling to start new class already fades blown by the wind. Huhu. Plus, at that time of the day, the university staff have already counting seconds to get home.

Anyway, lectures started as it supposed to, starting with brief intro session by Dr Gehan from physio dept. God, she's so funny and cute too! Kept saying 'DO YOUR BEST' throughout the class. She added that this module is quite difficult and complex. Now, tell me which of our modules are easy. Nil. Furthermore, she also said female repro system makes 50% of the whole module. She said female repro is that complex but not the women themselves (talk about defending her gender, Dr Gehan ftw! haha) which sent the whole class laughing naughtily sheeshh and mammary gland (breast) making another 15% while male repro makes the rest 35%.

First real lecture began with Dr Sayed who teaches Anat,  a very funny guy too. I am so grateful being blessed by awesome lecturers here, despite yeah everything bitter in this country. At the very least, I know there are still good people and hopes for them. We learned everything about pelvis today. And when I say everything it really mean all about pelvis. From the muscles and its actions to the fascia to the vessels to the nerves to the relations and everything. Oh, it was a tough lectures. just like musculo-skeletal system in first year. Nevertheless, everything hard can comes easy if you know how to tackle it right? So I say, I would go with Dr Gehan to start revising early and DO YOUR BEST! Hehe. Like seriously, don't take this module easily. I know I'm gonna like this module more since it is 50% about women yay! I have always want to become an O&G one day. InsyaAllah. If I find it interesting and worth enough I will. :)

Talking about third year, it seems that the busy-ness has started to call everyone. Hehe. Many of us got phone calls favoring our commitments  and whatnot. I say, go for it as long as you can benefit others. As long as you can help, lend them a hand. Besides, who can assure you to be studying 24/7 when you're not helping? Even you yourself couldn't guarantee right. So I say, give them your hands. I myself try to be as helpful as I can. But, if you really couldn't make it, if you already have stuffs to settle in your hands, then be nice when turning them down. And bunch of sorry to whom I couldn't help. Maybe a next time?


On the side notes, I hope you have heard of Gaza being attacked by Israel Laknatullah. Hmmmm it is very depressing to know that I couldn't do anything for them physically. All I can do is pray for them from afar and be with them in this jihad together. The aim of this jihad is one (for Allah of course) but the means are different. I'm taking part by doing the best I can in my study, which I hope will be beneficial to the mankind regardless of race and religion and solely for the sake of Him. So, may I ask what's yours? It can be anything from your talent of drawing, singing, and whatever. The thing is to always get the right intention; Lillahi ta'ala. InsyaAllah. May He accepts our deeds here and get counted for the hereafter.

I've been following some twitter conversations btw an Israeli and a Palestinian. Well, I can see that both are blaming each other. The first one said the latter wouldn't stop bombing their land and whatnot, but I say the impact inflicted to the Palestinian is much worse than in Israel. Also, I go with the Palestinian of course, since the trouble was started by the other one. Which rooted from ages ago thanks to that Balfour Declaration of British to grant the Jews a land. And why is that land has to be the Palestinians land may I ask? Of course, they've got this arranged btw them sometime before. Why don't give them some of your land in the other side of the world? You made that promise at the expense of others land which is just unreasonable and irresponsible.

In a nutshell, what I've said above is sourced from the internet. From wiki and twitter and yahoo answer. I know I could trust the source cause they have link to that ultimate source. Phew, what a complex rooting of information. T_T . I think I've typed a tad too far from what I always write, isn't it? Hm, everything is so mixed up in our current world. Corruption is everywhere but one thing for sure, for us, the Moslem, world isn't the purpose of our life. We aren't afraid to die in our God's cause because for us that is a holy sacred mission and accomplishment! All of us want that! Note to you that grotesque images you see in fb and whatnot are all the opposites when we see it in the hereafter. The blood bath will become a fragrant bed of flowers and enthrallment you have never imagine. And also, worldly life isn't the real life for us. World is just like a pit stop at the highway, in the journey to meet our Lord. InsyaAllah. :)

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