Monday, November 12, 2012

You're a bit harsh, doc.

Salam 'alaik.

Hey, I was revising my module just now when yeah, my mind started to roam around and diverted into something else. Like usual. Hehe.

So what was I thinking just now? Hm, I thought to pen it here cause it was a good and kind of dramatic to be read again sometime later in life.

The story goes like this:

During our practical exam for Endocrine System, there were 2 parts of exam to be taken, first was the Physio and the other was questions in the form of spots in the lab. Both were conducted in seperate venue. The Physio was in our lecture hall where we were given slides on projector and there you go. After finishing the Physio, my friends and I decided to revise some more on Histo, Patho, Anat and whatnot cause we had like 3 hours gap before the exam started again. Due to congested areas and classes being full of students we decided to sit on the floor at quite an isolated hallway. With some other female students.

So there we were, sitting on the floor with our labcoat on revising, questioning each other like a total excellent students. Then, came a lecturer. A male doctor. With his sunglasses on. Mind you we were at the end of an obscured hallway with a just nice sun light. He approached us and began his lecture.

''During my time, as a student, I never could bring myself to sit on the floor. You know because I have dignity and it doesn't allow me to do so.''

I was a bit taken aback by his remarks, a cruel remarks to be precise, so I started to ask my friends to go somewhere else and avoid him from continuing his speech. My other other friends didn't move an inch but I really couldn't stand him anymore. Haha. I am that sensitive, yes. When I was about to stand and go away, the lecturer stopped me and said 'No, no don't go, I was just saying blah blah blah' but yeah I was so full of loath, hatred and ego, my brain blocked me from listening to his words any further. So I just smiled at him and walked away like a boss. Hahaha.

We went to a better classroom, a bit full, so I had to ask a very gentleman friend of mine to move to other benches so that we could have his seats. He moved. Alhamdulillah. :) Now that I have that seat, I was able to compose myself and calm down a bit. You can say that I am until now still affected by his words. More to I couldn't believe someone so educated could bring himself to say such nasty things. So egoistic. And so full of pride. Which is not good for your life and society.

Later on, when we were on our way to go to practical lab, I bumped into that lecturer again. Like seriously? Haha. I know my patience was just tested by God. I was like 'Cool down, babe, just smile at him'. And so I did. Though only God knows what kind of tornado was going on inside. Hahaha.

It was a great lesson actually. To know that not all of our lecturers are that nice. Some of them are well, a bit harsh. And I was told, more of the harsh ones are the ones teaching in the hospitals, for the clinical students. So, yeah to myself, be very prepared for whatever cruel remarks and be a bit ignorant to whatever bitter words they are about to give you later on. :) Just keep the positive ones, okay. To the above lecturer, I am sorry, but I really couldn't extract a single positive things from what you told me earlier. :) And yeah I did remember my first class with you was during first year and all I can say is you have always been like that. I wish you good and nice days ahead, doc! :)


  1. Doktor tu lawak la. Doktor ckp benda yg sama kat group A. Masa kitorg kat dalam lab 5 time tanda tangan, dojtor cakap kitorg ni prisoner ae? Mula2 blurr. Lepas tu gelak tak sudah. Doktor saje kacau2. Xnak biar kita stress kot.

  2. Dear anonymous, boleh saye tahu siapa gerangan awak? hehe.

    Hm, betul jugak. Saya yg over sensitip kot mase tu. Biasela, nak exam kan. Tetibe doc cakap camtu pulak. Hehs.