Saturday, December 22, 2012

That feeling after you finish your exam.

Salam 'alaik.

Phew, the exam just ended the day before yesterday. I am now sooooo peaceful at mind. Huhu but to tell you the truth, our questions were supersaiya-ly hard like no joke. And to add salts to the wound, our lecturer decided to put out the answers for those questions on our lectures which was held right after exam finished. Now, this is called what may I ask you? Was a tad mad anyway, but it get flown away fast, fortunately. Hehe.

So, yesterday, we'd done the TLK programme. I was one jovial mak nenek yesterday as all my sisters came to join. And from the looks at it, I think they do get what we wanted to tell them all along. InsyaAllah. Hehe only He could describe this feeling inside. Somehow, I find it astonishing how He could put that kind of love inside a human's heart. Y'know to be able to love others is actually a blessing. But to love someone whom you barely know that was another thing. Ohhh I know maybe this is what we call as sweet ukhuwah then. To feel others as our bros and sis as well. Right?

Anyway, may He bless our effort all this while. May we will always be guided on the righteous path, Amin. :)

The riot here got worse yesterday. Even some of us inside the hall, smelled that irritant gas. I think I smelled it too. Or was it some kind of mind trick? My nose did get a bit hurt suddenly though.  They even closed the hall entrance y'know. And the main road was blocked by the police yesterday. Heard arabs shouting outside. FYI, Egypt is currently under pressure again. They are collecting votes for the new constitution here. May the Haq wins here, Aminnnn. :)

Despite all the things happening here, life still goes on.
And so, off we go to the next module. Urinary System it is.
Till then, Ma'a Salamah.

- End of #400 th post. -

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