Sunday, December 23, 2012

Perasaan kena tipu

Ok, now I am so fed up with my house owner and his brother. When I gave a second thought, they have been conspiring against us all along, They are a bunch of bully demanding piles of money from us, the so called lavish Malizi which is not true. Those are not our money okay.

First about the house rent during last summer break. Supposed when we were not in the house, there shouldn't be any bills coming in, right. But they demanded 100 LE per month at that time. And we gave him.

Then about the lift maintenance. They were collecting money from everyone in the flat including us. It was 1200LE per house at first but after negotiating we got it down until 700LE. And we gave him.

And now for the umpteenth time, they want 400LE pulak for water tank maintenance on the roof. They claimed this time it is once for all time. Like an investment in future. If you pay this thing now, then there will be no water issue for the next 20 years. He did said 20 years, I'm not making it up okay.
And the *&^%%$$ thing is that after the repairing was done, the water in our toilet wouldn't come out from the pipe. Like seriously 20 years?! This is your frigging claimed 20 years?!
Then, we asked them to call the plumber to repair our pipe. We asked him for a month and yes you guess it right, the plumber never came. The house owner's brother told me, the plumber himself didn't show up. He kept repeating bukrah (tomorrow) and ba'din bukrah (After tomorrow) for like thousands times.

And not until yesterday only I was told, actually the house owner is the one who is responsible to pay for all the maintenance fees of his house not the current people residing inside the house! He is the Egyptian, he should know better than us about the house rules! And yet he has eaten up our money. It's not the money I'm concerned most with but, these people, they are muslims, how could they cheat another muslims just like that? Where is that sense of brotherhood in their community? I know brotherhood is easy to instill when you are similar, but with foreign people its hard! But still, Islam teaches us to keep being good to everyone not just with your own frigging buddy. Duhhhh.

Phuh, I think my blood pressure is rocketing up to 90/140 mmHg typing emotionally like this. Haha but this is the fact.

Never. Let. Anyone. In. Your. Family. Study. Here. In. Egypt. 

Unless he doesn't mind dealing with uncivilized people like my house owner and his brother. I'm sorry if there happens to be some english-speaking Egyptian who reads my humble blog but I think that's like an 'impossibrurity', like 0.0001% in probability. I'm not generalizing. It's just most of them are. And dealing with these flocks are the most adventurous, patience-testing, sadistic moment you could possibly face ever in the whole wide world. Like no joke. Seriously.

While most of the Egyptians could raise your blood pressure, there is nevertheless some of them who are still having that good nature inside their heart. Yeah, but I think the ratio is not balanced at all. XD. Maybe I'm saying this because I am currently unstable in terms of emotion.  But I did find and bumped into beautiful examples shown by them now and then. Like for example, the other day, while I was walking through the shops, there was this one ragged old man. He was praying at the narrow pavement of a shop, next to hundreds of busy legs passing by him. The weather was cold and rainy and there he was doing his 'sujud' to the Rabb on a piece of flattened chipsy box. Chipsy is the famous junk food here anyway. I was really touched by the old man. He reminds me to perform 'salat' anywhere, anytime and in any conditions you are in. To take your 'salat' seriously. Cause it is the time to please your God, to show your gratitude to Him for blessing your whole day. T_____T May Allah bless the old man.

Ok. That's all. I know this post is like typed with an overwhelming hatred but I just need to pour it here. I am so gonna move out of this building! You go ask money from the wall and from the lift themselves!


  1. sabar yer tqah.. perkataan bukroh tuh memang dah jadi favourite diaorg pon.. haha >.<
    rumah kitaorg pon, panggil pakcik peti ais dkt 4 kali baiki tak elok2 pong.. duit ja yg jalan~ -.-

  2. Sabar my friend....I want to say this to you : ana uhebbuka fe allah( I love for the sake of Allah )
    wa asaalu Allaha an yuwaffequka fe al dunya wa al akherah
    ( I pray that Allah may grant you success in this life and the life after).
    Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said: "If any of you loves his brother then he should inform him" (Tirmidhi,

  3. Wanie, thanks. Tu la geram kan asek kena songlap je duit. Hehe sabau je la.

    Mishkash: thanks for your reminder. It is just you know getting lied by people isn't something so easy to forget just like that. Anyway, thanks a lot. (Al Hujurat: verse 10)

  4. eh kalau kite takde kat rumah time summer pun bukan kene bayar sewa mcm biase ke? sebab still ade barang2 kita kat rumah kan?

  5. Lisa: yup memang kena bayar, lisa. Tapi this baba mintak duit bill sekali. Tu yg geram tu.