Monday, December 17, 2012

Guess what?!

Hihihi I've finished the practical part for repro exam. Phew. I dunno why but practical has always been the one I dread the most. Always. Maybe because of the impromptu respond you should give to it. Due to lack of time, haphazard mind and all. Ghhh nevertheless, Alhamdulillah I've went it through now just let it rest in God's hand, shall we?

Straight after exam finished, I went to Carrefour with Safari cause I am in dire need of a heater. I dunno if it's my subcutaneous fat getting thinner or my house being extra cold this time, but the thing is, I felt soooooo the very cold since winter started. Like seriously. I can't even write properly, my handwriting goes all cacing kerawit kinda. Haha. So, mission completed!.

Then, on our way back from Carrefour we got super kind 'ammu taxi. Seriously. Always smiling. Too bad he didn't initiate conversation between us. Hehe. When we arrived in front of my home, he gave me his car key to open the bonnet because there were extensive non-stopping car flow from his side. I was okay, fine. But I came to think, whoa this uncle really trust us hey! I mean when he gave me his key, I could just run away with the key hehe but yes he chose to trust us. It's such an honour actually.

Yeah, people here always say Malaysians are the best example of real Muslims. Wear the right clothes, behave with the right attitudes so on and so forth. Alhamdulillah. They place such high an expectation on us really. But tell you (read: meself) what, go and strive harder to meet the expectation of your Lord first, prior to anyone else. InsyaAllah the rest will follow.

Okay, till then. I'm having a blessed warm room now. No need to wear sweater or cardigan  no more. MCQ is on the 20th Dec, just 2 days apart with the practical. Blerghhhh need to use speed reading skill this time I guess. So, that's all. Toodles.

Wassalam. :)

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