Monday, February 13, 2017

I Left Home For 11 Years

Salam alaik people. Hello blog!

Well, I am currently back in home sweetest home in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah *insert widest grin ever!

The happiest feeling I must say. Because well, at last I got to be home and be stress-free for maybe 6 months minimum HAHA. I know thats so confident of me to say 'stress-free'. Anyhoo, when I think about it again, I really have made my home a touch-N-go place for the last 11 years, since I went to boarding school at 13. So by all rights, I deserve this stress-free 6 months hihi. Self-acclaimed.

So, what did I do at home?

Hmm, honestly at first I did nothing!

Then, I realized I havent done any proper housechores for the last 11 years. I did it just when I want or my mom asked me. So, off I went downstairs, grabbed a sweep and turn into a domestic goddess. Nope! Well, I started off by just helping my mom. Doing whatever she's doing. Cooking and laundry. Asking why like this, why cant I do it like this, isnt it better this way? Really someone should put a tape over my lips! HAHA.

Well, I've got to say, I salute my mother so much for being so awesome and patient. Also the rest of mothers worldwide. Really, how did they do it? Taking care of children and making up the home is sooooooooooo tiresome! You should see the mountain of clothes especially when my brothers came home. Oh God, I feel like burying myself below the bed! As tiresome I felt, I am still far from my mother's par. She could continue gardening in the evening after all the pergi pasar, kemas peti sejuk, siang ikan ayam sotong etc, masak and laundry! Phew, long way to go tiqah sahmah haha! Anyway, my mom's answer is so simple. She said "Your time will come." Thats so deep, man, I can feel my hairs shiver a bit. Luls.

But yeah, thats the challenge for mothers. That is the reason why mothers are so dignified in Islam. For the vital role they play in nurturing the generations, well they we deserved to be! *smug face haha.

Aside from brushing up my domestic goddess skills, I also spend money time on books. Plenty of books! Those I missed reading because of the so called busy life while studying. Hihi, I am so into Roza Roslan's books these days. She is the wife of Prof Kamil Ibrahim, the author of Travelog Haji; Mengubah Sempadan Iman. She writes mostly about her life, her experience with very enlightening values she learned along the way. So yeah, I hope I could finish all these piling books before housemanship starts.

Last 4 days, I just came back from Kedah and Perlis vacaycay! It was so awesome with these girls; Husna Z, Iman and Mira. TripKampungGirls what we call ourselves. I got to see paddy fields (Kg Tok Keling) up close for the first time. Walking between petak sawah (with white trousers, what a genius tiqah sahmah -_-) witnessing a big black mouse scurrying into a hole (terperanjat iolls), having a taste of kerabu pucuk paku by Husna's Tok. Meeting old friends and new kind people, visiting Malaysia lovely tourist spots, Gua Kelam and Padang Besar (like I'm not Malaysian hehe). Husna is a goooood driver, like seriously, I am so inspired. I think I could drive instantly! But nope, when I got home, I am still that tiqah sahmah who got the car keys out just to heat the engine HAHAHAHA I'm so pathetic I know, lol whatever! ^_^")

Hmm I wish I could tell everything here, but no, I dont want to. My head is thinking and wondering and doubting myself. Since last month. *insert Celine Dion's At Seventeen song in background, so much love for this woman's music. Mostly about myself. About getting on the next phase of life. Working and committing. Phew, it sounds so adulthood. (LOL, how old do you think you are again, tiqah sahmah?) So many commitments isnt it? Well, being human is a responsibility itself. So yeah, do whatever it takes to get you to your final abode in Jannah.

Fighting!! :)

Pls pray for me, okay. #doakanyangbaikbaikje . Lol, thats the hashtag we came up with during travelling with TripKampungGirls. :)

Try count how many LOL and HAHA in this post. I think I am easily amused these days haha. See?

Ok, till then.

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