Sunday, December 11, 2016

Life As It Is

Assalamualaikum dear earthlings.

Well, well, I was reminded by someone that I actually own a blog. A very old, abandoned blog currently aged 6 years old. Oh wow, if my blog were a human, she would already finish kindergarten by now!

This place here documented so many important stuffs in my life, though honestly, its not as much as the moreee trivial, immature, what-a-joke kinda posts. HAHA. Like seriously when I go through all the posts long long time ago, I laughed at myself, saying 'what in the world were you thinking, girl?!'

The perks of having a blog is that I had fun reading what the 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 year-old-me think in the past. And I got to read what in the world did I do all these years. From struggling to get a driving licence, then to MARA interview, then to KTT moments, 1st year in Med school and God gracious I actually alhamdulillah finished Med school and currently waiting for Graduation ceremony at the end of this month! Fuh, I did it! *pats own shoulder, blow tip of scarf 

So many stuffs change these years, people come and go, Morsi went down and Sisi takes over, all goods price hike up, sugar is now limited, taxi fares increases, seniors graduated, and I dont recognize my juniors anymore, theres so much of new faces here. Hihi.

Ok, lets talk about now,

Well, I finished my Internal Medicine final exam at the end of October. Fortunately, I am lucky enough to get easy examiners from the OSCE till Problem solving. Thanks to everyones prayer alhamdulillah. Dee delivered her baby right after the final exam, her baby sure is an obedient child hihi. And then, I thought Im gonna have plenty of time but no, theres actually tonnes of stuffs to settle.

We had our big usrah, then one with the juniors, picnic, Quran sanad class and mabit in Mansoura, nadwah, daurah and pre-Ho course, the list would go on but alhamdulillah I really enjoyed each of it, I feel like these times I spent went to Allah's liking, so I dont mind at all. May Allah protect this feeling forever. May Allah bless me with more of this in future, aminn. After all, life is all about giving, so yeah I am investing my time in dunya for something worthy in the hereafter, may Allah accepts. :)


Ps: I miss Fatin n Faz loads. T_T

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