Thursday, January 3, 2013

What happen on the 1st Jan of 2013

Salam 'alaik dear readers.

It's already 2013 right. Welcome to adulthood dear me and peers. Haha 21 is big a number, yes. By the way, I got a reminder yesterday while scrolling down the newsfeed in facebook. One of my friends wrote in her status: You are nothing but numbers, with every days passing, so does your numbers left.

Ouch, let's wonder how much numbers  left for us here in this world together.  T_T

Anyway, with the upcoming days ahead of us, that means there is still opportunity for us to be better to benefit and serve others right. So, let's do our best for ummah! :)

On another account, our class schedule isn't as packed as it was in previous modules. Something that shouldn't be taken for granted dear myself (Knock, Knock).

Something happy to wrap my 2012 was:

Finally, after a millenia waiting, at last, our toilet has been repaired. Sooooo much to our relief. And the best part was our house owner agreed to pay for us. 100 LE okay. Haha Alhamdulillah. After all this emotion turmoil going on days in days out. Finally, it's functional! It's like someone stranded on an island getting rescued. XD

And then, we just had our group potluck today. Only with the girls from my lecture group. It was indeed fun like seriously. We eat a lot, talk a lot, giggle a lot. Alhamdulillah on this blessing.

Speaking of blessing and relief, exam is peeking around the corner. Huhhh. Renal physiology is killing me wei. Like no joke. There are lots of longgggg definitions to be understood and memorized. God, help me. InsyaAllah.

I think this should be enought for new year entry. Till then, peeps. Wassalam.

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