Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's almost the final of sem 5!

Salam 'alaik dear readers.

I was reading my previous entry where I got all bad mood and emotional about my house owner and his brother. HAHA funny me. Now you see why you shouldn't blog when you're angry huh. Anyway, I was bad for saying such things about them, I'm sorry ammuuuu. (Nahh still, I'm not gonna say it in front of them. LOL). I think let's just let it be like this. Currently, whenever I saw them I would wave and say 'salam' to them out of respect and they would nod back. So I think things are pretty well between us. Right?

So, life has been quite busy. We are already in exam term. From 21st January to 7th Feb. Then, insyaAllah insyaAllah insyaAllah I'm flying back home. Teehehehe. Talk about the excitedness. I've never been so excited to see pokok kelapa sawit in my life (that was what you see from above if you were to arrive in KLIA). This time, my plane will touch down at Changi, so let's see what we'll see from up there, okay. '


Its not gonna be a long holiday, but InsyaAllah I will remind myself to make the best out of it. This time like seriously, I have to I have to! I don't want to just laze around the house like a cow. Haha. I gained too much weight last time I was back in Malaysia. So devastating. My brother from Australia gonna be at home too. It's been like 2 years we didn't see each other (minus the oovoo and skype), so I guess this is the best time to meet him.

* Allah. Talk about the blessings God lavishes onto us. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for these people and things around me, gonna make the best out of it in Your course insyaAllah. * 

Till then, pray for our final exam.

# the uni gives our CGPA out of the blue and I know I just have to really push myself some more beyond the limit. Letz do thiz! Biiznillah :D !~


  1. rabbuna yusahhilna ^^

    p/s: slip result aku tercicir kot. sob3

  2. Noona Nabeela, takyah tengok slip result dah tahu berapa CGPA ko. Hehehe