Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of Going Back and Pavlova


Okayyy as for today, it's already 13th September. Sigh*. Another 19 days more to be going back to Alex. How sad. Huhu. It's time to get out of the nest and face the reality. Cause being away from home, away from your parents and security, you're all set on your own. And your friends. Go to the market to buy your own food stock, meet the house landlord to pay bills, so on and so forth.

You are actually an adult before you know it. But definitely, there's whole good thing behind these acts. For example, at least you got to know how to do things and how to handle them for your parents. And it can boost your confidence level. (though I find its easier to talk to Egyptians than Malaysians sometimes).

One thing for sure:
Some chosen people in Malaysia (me) have to face really bad customer service. It is true that emotions can't be forced but then again, don't you know that hospitality is what Malaysia took pride in when promoting herself at world level? So, be fair.  To the customers. Yesterday, I was asking to the lady who took care of the weighing section in AEON. But got replied very late. What is this?! I just asked whether this coconut thing inside a tupperware should be weighed or not? Yes or no? Yet the choice of answer seems a little bit difficult for her to blurt out. Anyway, she did answer me, so I guess it's okay. For the record, I don't like getting ignored. Especially by someone who should really be paying attention to me.

But, I didn't deny the fact that there are still some workers who are brilliant enough when entertaining customers. It's just the fact how this simple atrocity could destroy a good mood of a person in a blink of seconds. So there you got a title of baddddd service.


Anyhow, back to the story. I was saying holiday is getting to its end so Imma make it the most wonderful in every ways possible, InsyaAllah. By doing anything to make my parents and family happy (like cooked for them and planned a holiday), and get my mind to set how excellent I've made out of my longgggggg holiday. Eventhough the fact that I've abused some laws of jetlagged, I think I've bring it to a whole new level. Huhu.

The day before yesterday, I made pavlova. It was a so-so. I dunno if the taste was good or not cause I've never eaten one before, so I couldn't compare mine with the original one. Then, I made another batch yesterday night. I made them in multiple small portions so it's easy to distribute. And I can conclude that the latest batch is a lot more improved and better than the previous ones. So a yay to myself, huhu.

The pav is not a cake but a meringue-based dessert which is topped with sour fruits like strawberries (they are sweet in other countries), kiwi, grapes, oranges and literally any fruits you have in the fridge.  AND WHIPPED CREAM omo the cream tastes divine!! Ok I'm being biased cause I'm such a sucker for dairy products. Huhu.

The structure of pav is a tad brittle biscuit-like on the outside, and very soft like melty marshmallow inside which is soooooooo sweet and I mean sweet in its very precise definition. So, that's why we have to pair it with sour fruits so when the pav gets into your mouth, all you can taste is a divine blend of sweet-sour melting and creaaaammy texture. It's nice. But I give up after one pav. Cause it's the same as eating cakes. I won't go beyond 2 slices of cake at one time cause it's too creamy and make you gag. Erkk.

The pic is yet to be uploaded here, but you can see them in my Instag and Twitter. Just saying okay, not bragging.

And boy, I'm counting days to the weekend, seriously. Hope it would be nice and memorable and they enjoy it. Some quick review about it later, I think. Next, I have some projects to be done with this blog. Some unpenned stories about Raya and open house and my holiday. So, till then. Do take care, peeps! :)

Wassalam. :D

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