Thursday, October 20, 2011

Haven't typed this much in a long time.

It was a cold day, today. Woke up in the morning to think what should be worn today. A pair of jeans was selected as the day was quite windy recently and I don't want to end up with baju kurung halfway of my calf. Eww, gross. No, I mean, it's not that me is gross but the situation is, brilliant people should get what I mean. (should not be an offense)

Brrrrrrrrrrrr, should be a longer tune than what Coke was fussing about. Need to shower with icy water in the morning cause the toilet heater use stove gas to warm the water up which I found too dangerous to use in case the ventilation is poor and you end up choking on carbon monoxide and die though we can't really choose. But, it's all up on us to take care of ourselves, I think. The morning shower is a form of torture! But then, who ask you to do that in the morning?! Hygiene awareness, people.

The problem with studying medicine is you are going to fuss about almost everything with your body condition. For instance, when you are getting ice shower, you are thinking I'm accumulating water in my lung if I don't stop this habit. (It's true though very bothersome). And when you itches in the head, you already thought of lices, and you are getting paranoid over a small thing like putting plates on the floor and thought of fleas might jump on it (again, why the heck fleas want to eat nasi?) They are examples I could think of now. I mean, people always do that now and then though some are not really good to your health. But yeah, I concern a lot more nowadays.
But after all, I like the weather now. The winter. The coldness. Oh except clothes-need-more-time-to-dry part. It's not very joyous to pick up the laundry in their cold, damp feel. Instead, it is veryyyyy nice and heart-blooming when they are sun-hot and warm dried-up which you can only get in Malaysia. Giving you instant desire to fold it very nicely. Hahaha, over imagining things again.
I need Proviton! It is such a regret for not bringing them here. I forgot to ask from my mum. She had like 2 big bottles of them on her bed-desk. Haiyohhh clumsy me. Proviton is actually a multivitamin supplement. I ate it during my first sem and I can feel the instant concentration and focus it boost in myself. Or was that just psychology? Ok good, I couldn't differ between psychology and my own feeling anymore.

Have you ever feel when you take medicine, you feel relieved? You have been brought to believe ''my sickness is going to be better because I already take medication.'' Rather than, imagine when you are sick and you don't have drug to control it? What will you feel? You feel depressed, right? Actually, it sometimes may work if you bring yourself to believe you are okay, that you are undergoing convalescence (recuperate). You cheat your brain. Like those people who could bend a metal spoon by using their very-overly-focused mind. Yeah, like that you can cheat your sickness too. But I seldomly or never succeed in doing that. Because who can defeat or deny pain? That is when psychology comes in handy. Similar to eating Proviton. When you eat it, you bring your brain to believe, I'm going to do very well in class today, hence the result. See? I think those are psychology.

I know you might don't get what I typed up there but assume that as my very first intellectual work or opinion ever blogged out in here (Hahahaha I want to puke reading that).

By the way, winter means gaining weight. We feel hungry a lot faster and so I hope and I pray and I'm going to do every effort to mantain my weight! or best if I lose quarter of it. Wowwww! I accumulated that much in my entire life? Hahahha not believing my own record.

Ok, I am fully satisfied now. Going to end my writing now and get my eyes to read the module. Goodbye people. And oh, forgot something. Recently, I've changed this blog URL so I expect a more difficult way to reach here unless you google my full name then only you can arrive here. So, till then. =)

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