Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sahut seruan mat luthfi!

Assalamualaikum! Morning everybody!

Hye, actually I've thought about something this morning. Eh not thought, realized!

Hm, sometimes, we are not what people think we are. Like me. People assume that I can debate! Which I couldn't. Before, in school, that was an extracurricular activity I joined to get the points for university entrance mark. I forced myself to join it because I am aware that Allah gives me a soft tongue. I don't face problem in speaking clearly and I don't stammer, alhamdulillah. So, I joined it. Truth be told, I don't like arguing with people. And I am always the type who don't have any remarks about what happen around me which is least useful to rebut the opponent's point. So, I hope after this, there shall be no one to ask me to participate in any debate tournament. Because it is just not me.

Forum? Yeah, I know I've decided to be a moderator last sem. Why? Because it's a lot lot lot more relaxed than what debate is all about. In forum, you can talk freely without any objection or cruel remarks interjecting which is very very appreciated by me. Ok, enough with that. I hope, you get my point.

Second, I realized that we cannot simply judge people by their way of appearance because there is a lot lot more beneath the skin. Don't get me wrong, I object the action of not covering aurat by both muslim and muslimah. But again, we are not perfect either. Who knows what kind of environment s/he was brought up? Who knows what their parents taught them? So, now come our part to gently handle and help them very subtly. First, to make them realize the benefit of doing good, then they will make the good. Slowly they will know what to do next. But this won't take a short time because changing yourself is not easy. I know. We all know. Even to thin yourself gonna take a hella of time. What with family's acceptance to the change, some more? But InsyaAllah, with His blessing, who knows if He decides to forgive during the process of realizing good? Because s/he already has the thought (niat).

So, bak kata Mat Luthfi, don't be judgemental la. Jangan hukum orang sesuka hati padahal kite tak kenal pun org tu. Macam aku yang sangat bencikan Norman Hakim sebab tinggalkan Abby Abadi. Padahal aku tak kenal pun siapa diri beliau yg sebenar. So gasaklah beliau dgn keputusannya. Sbb beliau ade reasonnya sendiri. Beliau lebih tahu. Dan Allah paling tahu semuanya.

Alhamdulillah, habislah ceramah kite hari ni. boleh bersurai dan study skang. Wehuhuhu.

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