Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ever wonder what anatomy class do to me? Read a piece.

You know what. No you don't. Actually, it has been about 2 days since we first started learning about anatomy. You know those stuff covering the numerous bones, uncountable (actually countable) muscles and their origins and insertions and what about the nerve supplies and yeah, what not. Seriously, I don't expect it to be this hard at the beginning. But learning it syuwaiyah by syuwaiyah, more and more, it prove to be the opposite. And I don't really prepared.

But in the other way, it shows me and you, that He, our God is soo soo Intelligent and thoughtful and all kindness can't describe how awesome his creations are. Yes, you see, how he puts everything in place in you yourself (and myself), how he creates your anatomy to be functioning very well, your hand can type, your brain can think and study and oh the list will go on forever. Now we see that learning medicine somehow can make you think about your Creator.

To think about it, we are beyond amused when Apple came out with the iPad, iPhone, iPod and Macbook(honestly, I'm no techni junkie). But have you ever spend a minute (just a minute) to think how your body was created in the first place?

How can the creator be so good to know all these nerves, muscles, organs and those?

Clearly, this is why in Islam, Allah says look at yourself to be aware of his greatness. Because Allah, the God doesn't have to study to create you because all knowledge in this universe is his actually. He creates it and we discover it. As simple as that. That is also why a brainy man is the closest man to Him. That is why His Messenger, our prophet Muhammad (praise be upon him) asks us to study and keep learning till the very end of our breath. So that we can see how great our Creator is.


Phew. But yeah. It's hard to study anatomy. One hard thing to remember those muscles. I think it must be very easy for those who memorise Al-Quran (we call them 'Al-Hafiz and Hafizah'). But hey, I have the brain, the gut and most importantly Him. I will pray to Him to make it easy for me to understand his creation or rather my own self. He hears you even at the deepest of the earth core, He knows where you are. Because He is our Creator and God. Allah.