Friday, April 5, 2013


Salam 'alaik,

I am uber happy with the new layout. Background pic is taken from Cath Kidston. And yeah you can say I am all hooked up with her designs now. Pretty vibrant coloured  little flowers sure have its own special place in my eyes yo. Thank you Cath Kidston for existing! I sure gonna visit ur boutique when I get my foot in UK. (In sha Allah). 

Anyway, yesterday I attended a concert! You know Opick? The guy with great voice singing Islamic songs. Truth be told, I did knew him before for his unique name, listened to few of his songs but now I'm a fan of him! Seriously if you get time to 'tadabbur' his songs, go ahead. He sure knows how to write and compose his songs well. Also, there was this one nasheed group of Indonesian students performing yesterday. And they were amazing as well. They did their music not by percussions but by their own mouth. Acapella we call it, dont we? It is. The group is called Dai Nada. Go search them on youtube! I recommend you hear 'Satu Harapan' or 'Mali Rabbun Siwah'. Gorgeous! XD 

The concert intended on collecting funds for Palestine. In sha Allah tomorrow they are going to Gaza to meet our families there. May Allah ease their journey, ameen. 


On Wednesday we finished our midterm exam for GIT module. All I can say is, that was a veghhyyyyy hard paper, almost equivalent to that of CNS. T_T but everyone was saying the same thing though so I could feel a tad relieve maybe? Ye la, to know it wasn't only you who feels the exam was hard, its enough to relax ur head a bit. So go Nurul (and others)! You got another month to revise the remaining part of GIT, break a leg! Or rather, add some power more to your glasses! LOL jangan okeh, my lens is thick enough, thank you. Talking about my rabunness, Im thinking of doing Lasic. You know that laser treatment to correct your sight. Its cheap here in Egypt but they say we've to wait until 24 to do it cause that's when your eyeball stops growing. That's what they say la I dunno what the real thing is. Gotta ask my auntie la for this. Wait when I get back to Malizia. 


Today. (dont bother to write in chronology haha). 

We had basketball tournament! The game is for girls only and held between sections minus section 5 and 6 la because they are all guys and guys play rugby. Hehehe kidding. I went a tad late cause I got headache attack this morning, might be caused by last night concert super loud sound system. I kid you not, my head almost explode (naudzubillah). By the time the concert was over, I already had the headache and it went thru the night till the morning. 

Even so, I managed to present myself proudly (tetibe haha) at the court to cheer for them. Though my section didnt make it, its a good game really cause my housemates' section came out as champion! Cayalah! My own roomate makes me proud (macam mak-mak banggakan anak) for her numerous goals! Terer ar ko sha, boleh dapat anugerah 'Golden Shooter' (sbb kalau football Golden Boot kan or whatever).  

And my fav players are of course Sha and Fatkhai! Congrats korang! 



Classes will start again. With lots of things ahead. Final sem for preclinical years. Ngaaaaa. 

I guess, I will stop here. Its been quite a while I haven't write this long. Yeah I have to wait for the mood to come to be able to type continuously and smoothly like today. Wokay, toodlesssss enjoy your days, live your life, carry your responsibilities like a responsible person and whatnots. Bye. 

Wassalam. :D 

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