Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rambles on Holiday


Okay, tonight, I'm gonna rant about anything. So expect a tsunami of words and 'HAHAHA' and anything. Cause yeah, anything. Like yeah, anything. Okay, I'm being super saiya-ly annoying here. So, moving on to first point. 

MPH Online;
Recently I've ordered some books (3 books) from MPH Online. It says I will get the books in 3-5 working days time. I ordered them on 7th August and today is already 15th August. Exactly the 5th working days after 7th August. I've been very obedient coming out (covering every aurah possible) everyday to check the mailbox to see if anything has arrived but up to this day, I've been up to a total, big, humongous disappointment! Haiyoh, hurry up la weih! I've emailed them though about that. Hopefully, my books will turn up in the mailbox tomorrow. Please please please kamu jangan nakal MPH!!.

Of driving;
For the record, I've been very annoying to pester my dad on how the car is too big for me to drive (please, don't say I'm being riya' cause I just wanna story-tell you here). Yelah, I graduated from Berjaya Driving School (I'm not that 'Berjaya' anyway), driving a Kancil only, but suddenly I'm faced with a huge and gigantic 4WD which of course disturbed me in every way you could imagine. Okay, there's not much need for me to drive actually, but but but, sometimes I did wish badly I could drive. When my grandmother was here, I wished I can take her to shopping sayur and barang dapur in Tesco wherever la because she likes it. But, yeah, I am 'crippled' like that, pity me eh, up to the level, I even thought of hiring a driver. HAHAHA. True story, I'm laughing at myself!

But now, worry no more. 

Came a day (I've forgotten the date) when I felt so motivated to drive, thanks to a friend. He said I have to give it a try, break the wall, the scaredy-cat me or any obstacles that keeps me from driving. So, I asked my dad to keep me company to somewhere. Well, we started in Taman Sutera cause normally the traffic is not as heavy as in the main road. So, we drove around and around (around around nak termuntah jugak sebab cuak sangat!). I managed to drive from Taman Sutera to bazaar Perling Mall to home. Along the way, I did took a U-turn which was verrrrrry daring of me (phewh berpeluh haku), crossed a junction and side-parked quite cacat-ly but hey I managed to bring us home, unscathed, Alhamdulillah. HAHAHAA The happiest, the most bangga-able moment, the most ujub moment I felt when I finally reached home! It was indescribable! Such a victory! Like I was freed from an unexplained prison I made myself. Alhamdulillah. 

But I didn't forget, everything goes back to Him. Thanks to Him cause He protects me, put the courage inside me, blesses me with a patient father, so on and so forth. 

Now that I can drive (InsyaAllah), I'm gonna use it wisely. One of my friend once told me, she learnt how to drive because it would be easier for her to bring adik-adik to jaulah, go to usrah etc. The point is, her niat when driving is for God. I was totally gobsmacked, right at the heart! The power of niat and sincere tazkirah. I hope I'm giving benefits with this newfound ability and it wouldn't be a great embarrassment anymore to change my P (probationary) license to a competent one. Teehee.

Points to Ponder:

I realized that at some level of our live, we are faced with obstacles, a great uncertainty which could make you feel so down, so inferior, so low self-esteem. But, to my new discovery, it all depends on yourself to remain at that place, remain a coward, or to run away from those negativities, to break the wall, jump over it, and head to freedom. Because this is life. You feel, you learn, you apply, you decide, you anything!


But the most daring one from my siblings would be my youngest brother la aka Mur the Jemmy. (nama kena merah sebab dia nakal!) HAHAH. He's safely home now. He arrived today during sahur and is early for Raya holiday cause he skipped school in an illegal way. Students staying in hostel call this manner as 'fly'. Yeah, he flew back to his nest. HAHA his story is too long to jot in this entry. Maybe next time. Up to today, he has received 3 phone calls from his teachers for this bad bad job. All I can say is create a big 'network' cause they might or always save you! Hehe.

Ramadhan almost comes to its end. Let's grab the opportunity!! (hello hello myself). 

Wassalam. ;)

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