Monday, July 30, 2012

Just my 'satu ringgit' on songs

Listening to songs, it could make you go all excited, anxious, emotional and whatnot. So there goes the goods and bads of songs.

Good is when you suddenly feel a vehement empowerment due to powerful encouragement contained in a song. Like the song 'Adakah Kau Lupa'. That song is dedicated to all Muslims around the globe actually to spark our awareness.

While bad comes by with the kind of Adele. Haha, wait I didn't say she's bad. She is very excellent indeed that her songs really turn on this switch of sadness and blues in my limbic system all of a sudden.

The music itself is enough to make you drift along going all dreamy and wishful and so on and so forth. Sometimes, the lyrics is far from being upsetting but the music still make you feel like crying. Now that's the irony of these songs we hear everyday.

Hey I wonder who is the first human to find pleasure in sound? How did they combine the art of voice and music in the first place? Who is the man that cherish our current developing  music and entertainment industry? Who is the one responsible for every teens stucking in earphone in their ears now?

But hey hey wake up! Wake up!

Don't take those emotions seriously okay. It's just a song anyway. Unless it's a good emotion.


Would be even better to hear the beautiful, natural sounds made in heaven by our Utmost Wise God, right.
Like the sounds of waterfall, continuous rhythm of waves, ripples of water, heavy downpour, the lightning, the night creatures, the birds chirping, the leaves slapping each other, the gushes of wind, the volcanoes explosion (?) and the list goes on and on.

I miss going to places like beach and waterfall. The serenity and peace God made for us. Cause deep inside us, we always yearn for harmony and tranquility. Hustle and bustle of life stress everyone's life, making us like mad zombies sometimes. At least to some people they do. To me, who is currently mentally and physically dormant, safe at home I am soooooo at a peace of mind state. HAHA.

Everyday, waking up to house chores and laptop I am. Hehe. Whatever it is, be happy. You own your heart.  No one could make you feel anything, unless you allow them to. Cause your heart belongs to you, given by God.

Was hearing to Adele (Make You Feel My Love) just now and it perturbs my limbic system eventhough the lyrics isn't the slightest bitter which leads to this entry. The music does it job well, I think. I'm okay now.

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