Sunday, August 5, 2012

What I Did in Muar


Hello guys. How's your Ramadhan going on? Actually I just came back from Muar. Went there to pay my little brother and cousin a visit at their school. Had buka puasa with them and off they went back again to the school. I really love Muar because it was there where my big family rooted down. My datuk nenek moyang all came from Muar. I am a true JOHORean minus tempat lahirlah. Hehe.

What's gotten me into typing down this entry is because when I was in Muar, my friend came to my grandmother's house! Seriously teruja like sangat awesome! HAHAA. Okay you get the feeling? We've been apart for almost a year and met up again seeing each other has changed for good. Me of course makin chubby and whatnot and Najwa! She's become really mature and responsible big sister! She came along with her two cute little sisters and 2 meat pies! And she drives the car FTW! Actually I really look up to girls who drive cars. For me they are a symbol of bravery hehe. Cause for some reason I still don't manage to put up the courage to drive one. Teehee. I'm thinking of hiring a woman driver actually hahaha. So who's up for the job? (dreaming)

Anyhow, I went to Najwa's house afterwards. Najwa being herself blurting every stories of hers to me and I listened to her (I hope I can listen to lecturers like this) with a little interruptions here and there. Am so excited and happy for her! :D And then I get to contact my other treasured friend, Sabrina. Heee, excuse the extreme excitedness cause I AM extra overwhelmed by them teehehehe. We've been through thick and thin mase form 1-3 kot. And manage to still engaged to each other until now, all praise to Him who decides my comrades. Alhamdulillah. :D

So, tomorrow I'm going to Larkin Mall to teman kawan jaga booth. Heheheh jaga booth okay. Anyone who sees me can greet me, no worries. I'm all friendly and a chatterbox so just shoot! :D

I think I'm being a tad too overjoyed in this entry. So this is the happy me (not happy meal) for those who doesn't know. Ceh macam ade orang nak tahu.

Okay, I'm sleeping now. Till then. Wassalam.

Notes: Forever grateful for the friendships I've made throughout the years. Thanks to you for you have some shares in what have became of me today. Thanks.


  1. dah ade, tapi tak bawak kete pun. haha, tapi tadi aku dah bawak kat jalan besar!!!! hahaa Alhamdulillah tiada kecederaan zahir wala batin. XD

  2. tiqah, sama la kite~

  3. tadi kite bawak kat bazaar perling mall tu, berhimpit2 ngn lori fed ex yg beso tu. hahaha cuak i sekejap. XD

  4. tqah, rabiatul.. rindu lah kt korang :'(

  5. Nabilahhh, rindu ko jugak. Huhu :D