Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Striving, Dears.

Assalamualaikum, dear earthlings! :)

Currently, I've finished Respiratory System and Cardiovascular System papers, and still have one paper left which is that of Epidemiology and Biostatistic.

Alhamdulillah, the previous two were a tad difficult on MCQ part but fortunately the essay was answerable. It was because our lecturers recycled those questions from previous years and I thank Him for allowing me to revise them a night before the exams with my roommate, Sha. Alhamdulillah, seriously if it wasn't because of Him who gives hint to read those, I don't think I'm gonna read them.

So, dear friends and myself, after this, we have to (obligatory) answer all past year and spot questions! I think it is a-must-do thing before exam cause it's like the most fundamental thing of exam. It's like the most important preparation you have to do.  I guess I've emphasized this a lil bit too much  but yes, that is how crucial I think it is about revising past year questions before you enter the exam hall. 

It's simple. Just make it like quizzes, go through them by subjects of importance. And with your friends. I make a duet with Sha for that so that we didn't fall asleep in the midway. I read the questions and Sha checked them in the book and we memorized it together. Preferably this should be done a night before exam. Cause you know that time, the adrenaline already kicks in, you can feel the tightness in your chest, the OMG-exam-is-tomorrow-I have-to-remember-everything-fast feeling.

And the below comic is nothing but the truth that best described what we did a night before the exam.


Not bragging here, but from 19 essay questions of CVS, 13 came out from the spot questions and some came from past years'. And you don't have to ask me what kind of awesomeness I felt in the hall. Hehe Alhamdulillah. I hope I could compensate my maybe-disastrous MCQ with the essay. Huuuuu zisis sad.... T_T


Anyhow, let the bygone be the bygone. All we have to do now is to rest everything in His case because He plans for everything. Be optimistic on his plan for us, and yeah try to be the best 'hamba' for Him. Because, all we do today and did before came from His mercy to us. He let us try, let us read, let us write, let us answer the exam, let us memorize and many many else. Oh seriously,  ''Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?'' (Surah Ar-Rahman; verse 21)

Truly, this exam period should be the time when we open our heart and let it be touched by His love. You shall not close it after exam is over, but apply this throughout you whole life. InsyaAllah, you will feel a lot happier. Just strive hard and go for what you want. If you didn't get it, might be because that isn't meant for you but something's better is coming on your way, of which you have to strive harder to discover. Life is about striving hard guided by His blessing.

I hope, this would do good to me in future. I shall remember this (what I pen here) cause it's from my thought and I am responsible for it. It would be a shame on me if I didn't do what I preach, isn't it?  :)


Note 1: My big brother has just undergone a surgery to correct his cruciate ligament on his knee. Pray for his convalescence, will you?

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