Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I once had a sister

Eh apesal aku ade kat sini ni? Bukan tengah exam ke? HUHU. Tetibe rase nak menulis la pulak. Pasal yg bukan ilmiah? Bagi chance la kejap ea.

Tadi, aku berjalan-jalan di facebook tanpa arah tujuan.

I was browsing my juniors profiles, watching what they are up to now, monologuising  'Omg, she's that tall now huh' and I was like 'Ok fine, I am old now,' all that stuffs. 3 years had passed since I finished school and I admit though school can sometimes be a pain in the neck, indeed it's one of the most joyous time of your life. And I stumbled on this one quote in twitter saying 'If you say college is your best 4 years of your life, then make it 6'. I was LOL-ing hard back then. Seriously it made me laugh. I bet you would too. No? But, hey life should make progression so 6 years in college would delay your time to working phase, yes. Whatever. My point is, I recalled having a pet sis or 'adik didik' (that's what we call it) in school. yes, I am volunteering to have one, and I enjoyed it.

My pet sis, her name is Izzaty Raduan. Need I say more? Of course I'm quite awkward at first because I never had any sister be it younger or older sis. But as time went by, I adapted with her. I bet she was awkward too because she's just like me; the only daughter in family. But this girl, she's brave. Mind you, the seniority is quite a tradition in my alma mater. So juniors are expected to bowed down their head and never look us in eyes, you know, it's not that strict but once you get caught and targeted by the seniors I bet your first year of life gonna be a living hell until that senior moved out. Luckily, she got me! HAHA. Fret not, I am not the kind who yelled at juniors. But sometimes I did asked them to HELP ME to ready my clothes and bed when I woke up at 6.30am like that. HAHA. Just a simple thing like that.

I was not that close to her, just exchanging smiles in corridors, (our dorms are opposite to each other, me in Hajar, she's in I-forgot-the-name-hayakkk green dorm), 'main kirim salam, good luck in exam, take care' things HAHAHA so cute la back then. Then, when final break came before SPM, she gave a card saying 'ALL THE BEST KAK TIQA IN SPM! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, I SURE GONNA MISS YOU, TAKE CARE'. Hohhh, terharuuu makcik! HAHA.

Now, we seldom contact each other. I mean, she's still in school and already a fourth former. Hoh, she's that big now huh. Oh I become somehow a lil bit emotional what the heck? HAHAH. Whatever. I might be coming to school to collect my SPM certificate. Hayakkkk when la to comeee? I want to meet Izzaty also and give something nice from here.

Izzaty, most left. Ceh, mesti kembang budak ni kalau baca my special post utk die.

Ok sekian. Banyak tak habis baca lagi ni! Hoihhhh.


  1. Ini dia kakak mithali tuu :P awww :P

  2. amboihh laa tiqah.
    aku sndri tak penah buat entry utk adik aku, apetah lagi adik didik.
    yg paling aku ingt both of them bagu aku kad and button bfore aku fly.
    kat button tu siap ada nma aku.
    trharu den. keh3.
    but serius loh.
    aku usha2 album smap, then tiba2 aku rindu smap.
    3 tahun dh weh kita tggal skolah. huhu

  3. Zaien: memang benar benar mithali kan. Hee
    Nas: tu laaa. Rindu kan. Ala tapi aku tak simpan banyak gamba masa kat smap. Aku mane ade kamera cam ko! Hahah