Monday, October 3, 2011

I will come back later!


I guess this is my last post before going back to Alex yet if any comes hours after this, well that's not a crime though. And yeah. I am so reluctant to leave Malaysia. But thinking I have an uncomplete mission  to be finished, I have to and compulsarized to come back.

To think of the prosper life my parents already shower me and my brothers, I am thinking whether I can give them the same thing later in my life. And this is it. My study and my work aim is to give them the same prosper they give me and maybe more. That is the sole thing driving me to come back there. And I have to do it well.

My aim:

Better grade.
Improvement in everything (attitude, spiritual, mind)

My holiday has been a very great one, in fact, I think it's better than the before. First two weeks of holiday didn't see me doing anything. I just lazying around the house, figuring out everything in the house (yeah, I was a bit 'lampi' with the automatic gate and the stove thing). Later, I went to a blast trip to KL with Fazira. Going here and there and learning how to use public transport (thanks to Mekli) and to put up a strong and confident face along the way (eventhough inside you're feeling like to puke due to nervous breakdown). I get to know my friends' parents and family. I hope they are happy too to see us because my parents are also very glad to get to know my friends. Abah will always ask you questions and more questions and I think that serves him right because he himself is a lecturer. Talking gives him money, aye. Hor. And I think doctor are not a less different. Consultation which involves talking pay them also. I wish I wish. Hehe.

I was so happy to get to know my father's friends also. During my open house which celebrate my father's colleagues, I met an Iranian family. The cute 'Ilyaa (he's a boy) who keep saying "excuse me" in the very beginning of every sentences he uttered. Such a polite boy he is. And Neher, the baby girl. I tell you, she is one strong girl. Once, she was pushed by 'Ilyaa and her head hit my chin, hard (it was painful) yet she didn't cry at all. Proving that Arabs are well build people and doesn't hurt easily.

And then came this vacation to Kt Kinabalu. Abah had this conference discussing about electromagnetic thing and he brought us all. I mean just Mak and me. Mak and me had a time of our life by simply shopping here and there. The hotel was great, food so-so and flight was dreadful I almost get a phobia.

Later, we headed to KL. I tell you, every single vacation I had, will involve either my mom or dad having some work to do and the one left behind got to enjoy. This time, it was my dad who had to give lectures for part  time student in UTM KL. Which later, leaving me, Ali and Mak. We were staying in Federal Hotel near Low Yat Plaza. And oh! I bumped into Ateng with his brother (I think) near Low Yat. Hahaha. Funny eh. I dunno why it's funny. Such a coincidence. And then we got to shop inside Pavillion which was my first time.  And to think of it, the last few weeks of my holiday involve me giving money here and there or rather to think on the positive side, we were generating and encouraging the economy. Hehehe.

And now, here I am. Settling down in my own room, which is quite messy with my stuff to bring home. (I have to call Alex my home because of the ratio of time I spend there is higher). Eh no. Scratch that. I don't want to call it home. I'll call it my second home. Or something cooler name than that later, when it comes out in my mind. Ohhhhhh nooooo!! Such a short time. Blerghhhh. I was like this also during SMAP time. Never feel happy to leave home right. The most comfy state life can offer!

Now, be grateful! For everything. You have get your comfy part in your home, now go back there and experience some adventure and hardness and struggle and ace and I lost words over there in Alex. Remember your aim? Okay! Now I better stop rambling and do something more beneficial. And ohhhhhhhh noooooo!!! Hahaha just proving my unwillingness to come back. Ok goodbye. See you all again later.



  1. Goodluck kak kat Alex. Hope aim akak akan tercapai :):) Amin :)

  2. Thanks zaien!! Aminnn. Akk doakan yg terbaik utk awk jugaak. :)