Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The morning I am going back there

Assalamualaikum. Gotta write something really fast and meaningful. Today morning was a hectic one at least for me who didn't have to cook breakfast at all. Slept on 3 am and woke up to perform fajr prayer. Then, I couldn't help but to sleep again until 9.

Had 2 breakfast on the table. One is nasi goreng by toklah and the other is mee siam goreng by mom's hand. Eat a bit cause I don't really feel like eating.

Later, watered the flowers for the last time. I really mean all the flowers and you'll know why I said it that way if you have seen my mom's garden.

And then, finish what has been procrastinated with my luggage and got the gut to post sth in the blog abt my very last day in the house just to make a proof that I have had a wonderful holiday this time around. Though I couldn't join my bros for the upcoming holiday, I feel happy to know thar they are to experience what I had in the house. On the way to KL, we'll drop by at Mak Tok's house.

Till then, will update later where surely I am nowhere around the house or even Malaysia. Wassalam.

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