Friday, July 8, 2011

Human Rights memang takda hati perut. Berperikemanusiaan? Nil. Takda daya penarik walau sebesar zarah. Thapppi, suka atau tak, nak ke taknak kena jugak baca. Kena jugak hafal. Talk about rights, conventions, treaties, United Nations and charters, I never had the single wish to be a lawyer. Nahh, never in million years. Esok exam Human Rights by the way. 

Why Human Rights for Medical Students? 
  1. To respect the patients
  2. Prevent violence against patients
  3. Help patients do rehabilitation
  4. Protection of the patients
  5. Integration to make decisions by the patients. 
Semua benda pasal patients! Pasal doktor?! Who really care about doctors? Who? 

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