Friday, July 30, 2010

Salam 'alaik people.

Hari ni sangat menggembirakan.

Tapi malam tadi, aku rasa something yang aku selalu rasa, tapi aku tak berapa ambil berat pasal dia.

Apa bendakah?

It has something to do with changing yourself. To the better of course. But I'm afraid I'm not that strong to make the change. I need someone who will remind me. I really need a friend to guide me to go through this change.

This change is going to require a hella lot of consideration and patience from me. To mantain it, is another thing that has to be questioned again.

Am I capable of mantaining it? Am I capable to go through the change?

I really want to make the change. InsyaAllah some times in future. It is just the matter of time. Hehe. Matter-of-time reason is so cliche, isn't it?

''Everyday in our life is a process of learning and a process to improve ourselves.''

And I'm trying to make some improvement out of myself. I'd say, I have to lessen my laughter in the first place. And second to talk less and listen more.

Every people I met, they said I am one happy-forever-laughing kind of person. But almost everytime after I laughed my heart out, at that instant, I felt kind of lost. A feeling of been left. By whom and why, I don't even know. And I realized, it is never good to be laughing out loud every single moment in your life. Laugh with certain situations restricted to certain people.

''First impression is important but not to be judged. There are more that lies inside, but it doesn't take seconds to discover it.''

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