Saturday, April 10, 2010

why ululating?

just a brief note of what i did today

the day-nothing important

the night- went to Home Fair in Persada. yeah my parents were surveying floor tiles, kitchen cabinet, sofas, bed, dining table, outdoor deco and wateva. and i was like bling bling seeing those sparkling diamond at the sofa and the BED. watcha say ade diamond kat katil babe.? not diamond actually, its like a shiny stone fitted at the sofa n bed. hoh. and that sofa is purple in colour. coolio but a tad too expensive. ow not tad, bazillion-type expensive. okeh that's exaggerating already. and my bro did something seriouss**t annoying at the fair. he punched me so hard at my shoulder i felt like slapping him. urghhh. ok fine, let the bygone be the bygone. after all he bought me my topup this evening. so ok, FINE! after that we went to singgah selalu. having a serious late dinner. and having chicken chop as serious late dinner didnt help either. im adding the flabbiness+triple chin up!! urghhh, why in the world should i annoyed with what ive eaten?!! ish ish ish. ahhh, cut that part down!!=[

ps: its been a while after the last time i went to bandar. and tha danga bay is like 'wow!!!'. its different already. in positive ways of course. and i just perasan ade fun fair yg what the fun next to angsana. please, i wanna go there. to angsana not the fun fair. im frigging buying books!!!
ps: frig isnt a good word. i just know.
ps: ow its pain in the eyes to read this.!!PINK!!

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