Sunday, April 11, 2010


yay, i already bought the books i really longed for. not all of them. some of them. i bought the 'denyut kasih medik' and 'bercinta sampai syurga' at badan cemerlang angsana this evening..ah i know the bookstore name is a bit funny. but i'm certain the bookstore name symbolizes excellent mind...ahhh, im so happy to get to smell the new-book-odour!! ahaha. *ecstatic mode*..

the interview will be about 4 days from now. and i'm freaking nervous. and plus i haven't settle all the documents needed. a procrastinator i am. who's to be blamed? myself.

and a yay to myself as today i didn't have any regret on eating like last two days. because today i ate less i think. hahahah. ate less? since when?? in my dreamsss....LOL..okeh okeh...

and my parents did went to the home fair again. and they spent i dunno how many K's for the sake of the new house. i dunno either i'll get the chance to see the new house with my own eyes-LIVE or seeing it in just mere photos..

i'm freaking uncertain with myself. im just so afraid with the interview, i start thinking about the 'what if questions'...what if i didn't get it? haishh it sounds scary enough and heartbreaking though..and yes, my chat with my friends are only regarding the interviews..i mean with other MARA mate like tenmed and last interview was when i was in form 2. it was the interview to become school prefect. and it was just a short one, but my lips already turned blue by the time i went out of the interview room!!urghhh, scared to hell!!ish who taught me to say these words? haihhh...

need to sleep people..byee~

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