Saturday, April 10, 2010

the horrible temptation

i dunno why but being at home, i just cant resist the full temptation to always open that door and gobble up everything attracted me. and the result is a hideous+annoying double chin. urghhhh, it is true that when you swallow too much, then you will feel guilty and frigging worry! and then you will start to have mood swing! oh my dont say im getting bulimia!!! nooo!!!! it is not. this is just a mere feeling of mine, getting lucky to be published as an entry. blerghhh, i hate the door!!! -the door to crave-

i got to control myself. not a foot towards the door unless i am frigging famished! and plus i feel like a bad sis to my bro at home coz i always scold him on nothing. haiyaaa, yeah im a clone of cruella de vil or wth is her name.gotta change gotta change for good!!to my lil bro, i know i AM superb annoying and blerghh, I AM SORRY..=(

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