Sunday, August 31, 2014


Salam. Its been wayyyy too long since i last typed here. It has been pproximately 8 months oh my goodness.

Many things happen in between. Some are so insanely happy, some are so so and many else.

Now at the moment i am in the midst od study leave. And yeah that old habit sure doesn't fade just yet. U know the habit of updating blog during study leave. Haha. Just that i need some placw to rant without burdening my housemates. They got to study too.

Currently in study leave for ophthal. Last paper before coming back home to Malaysia! But this ophthalmology is sure some pain in the brain subject. I've sufferred some mentally and emotionally challenging moments throughout this round. Cause 'fortunately' i was assigned with Dr. Eiman in practical group. And you seriously dont want to get her as your assessor. You'll surely be in deep trouble. Cause she's a trouble to begin with. Haha. Jahat gila me. But u really need to see her with the patients. Sungguh garang xboleh terima akal punya doktor. Pity the kids and the parents. But she was a very brilliant star during her days in faculty. That according to her brag-moment story in class to motivate or to show off to us is still beyond my comprehension. Haha. I learn only theoretical part but zero moral from her. Nevertheless, i wish to extend my gratitude to her for teaching us.

I think thats the reason im so struggling with ophthal right now. I cant really get some part of ophthal u know like other rounds before. Maybe because i was away for a week holiday with my family so i miss a week of class. But some of it is due to my teacher who fails to trigger my curiosity in this rather beautiful subject.

Anyway egypt is famous for their excellent service in ophthalmology you know. Its some sort of exclusiveness once you enter ophthal cause u are qualified to join only if u are the first or second in ur batch. Yeah like Dr Eiman who studied 16 hours Whatever.

So that's all for tonight. I need to burn the midnight oil to finish my study. Till then.


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