Thursday, July 4, 2013

#1 Egypt oh Egypt

Salam 'alaik.

So, as most of you have known, Dr Morsi has been overthrown by a military coup yesterday. Its quite devastating to know that since I like him so much. You might ask what makes me to like him since I'm not even an eyelid close to be an Egyptian.

Nothing. Simply because I find him to have good and wise character of a leader. He is the first Egypt President, elected by the people themselves, who radiates very good Islamic examples, whose heart is brighten up by the holy verses of Quran he memorizes, the first President who refuse to stay in the palace and stay in his own house instead, he has a loyal, modest and fully covered First Lady who herself wished to be called First Servant instead. Can't you see? He holds a PhD in Engineering from US somemore. He is very well educated. And during his reign, he bravely cut down relations with Syria to show his disapproval of massive killing happening there done by the treacherous Assad government. Dr. Morsi also allowed the gate in Rafah border which leads to Palestine to be opened again after years of closing during Mubarak days.

But those were the days.

Immediately after Dr. Morsi was overthrown, the official channel of Muslim Brotherhoods (a party Dr. Morsi was once in) and few others had been closed down and some of the staff had been detained. So much of their (Egypt) freedom of speech. From what I know, during Dr. Morsi's day he has never denied any channels rights to be broadcasted eventhough some of them were badmouthing him days in days out. That's a very bold and steadfast leader you have, Egyptian! Then we also see a few of MB leaders had also been arrested and the border to Palestine was closed again. (I am utterly upset by this one).

*deep breath*

Haih. I don't know what more to say to these people of Egypt. They are all my families too due to our belief in the same god. But I couldn't find the answer to their hatred towards their legitimate president nor can I bring myself to believe what my ears heard the night of that tragic military coup. They were insanely celebrating the coup as if Dr. Morsi was a torturous dictator, someone who arranged the frequent blackout, the increment in groceries price and petrol price. I bet some of them thought of him that way, but come one guys. It has been only one year, why were you so eager and excited to see the changes? Rome isn't build in a day you know. Everything needs its time, you gotta be working very hard to improve something. Alas, you don't even change your attitude of littering around like its your mother's street yet you want Dr. Morsi to clean up those mess and change it to a garden of roses? As if you were asking someone else to clean up the toilet after you had used it. I don't know if that's the norm over here since you've been under Mubarak's teaching for far too long. I really don't know if that's what your people taught you.

Haih, I seriously lost hope in you guys. This morning, when I was out to sit for the exams, I couldn't see you the same way before. All I saw were just some people who are self centered, narrow minded and undercivilized. Yes you have many pious persons here, yes you have a lot of brilliant professors here but sadly yes, you also have a lot more corrupted leaders here and yes you have far too high rate of heart blinded people who can't see kindness in others, who has zero empathy to our brothers and sisters in Syria and Palestine, who are so selfish I wonder how you would get up again. Only Allah will help you if He wills.

But. As I was typing this and complaining over you, Egyptian, inshaAllah I will never forget to put you in my dua everyday. Apart from being the place where I study Medicine and Life subject, it is also a very special place indeed. I know Egypt would never be as pretty and romantic as Venice is or as Paris is, but on this very land, Allah has shown numerous signs of His existence. The only place Allah has shown himself to Prophet Musa 'alaihi salam, the place where He brought down 'al manna wa as salwa' food from heaven and many more. The stones and dust of this land has bore witness of the tears and sweat of Musa and Yusuf 'alaihuma as-salam during their days of preaching Islam. T_T Plus, Masr is one of the regions on this world that has been quoted in our holy Quran. That is an honour from Allah, dear Egyptian. Why can't you see it the same way we see it? You should be extra pious than us, extra vigilant than us because you understand the Quran way better than us do. Wake up Egyptian!

I pray for better Egyptian and a better Egypt. I strongly believe that a country strength relies on its great human resource. Not simply the typical common man on the streets; the one who violently shouts and screams whenever he is mad, but a man who always rationalize, has a good logic, has a pure heart and strong intention and close with his god, Allah. May we be that kind of resource for this ummah.

May Allah bless Egypt now and forever. Amin. :')

"Ya Allah, grant your mercy to those who had died while spreading Your cause, grant them martyrdom ya Allah. Grant us the one who are still left in this dunya, a pure heart to solely work for You, to bring up Your religion. Put us among the ones who give contributions to Your deen, cleanse our heart from fasad and dunya, pour in bravery and steadfastness as You had done to Your messengers before us. We sincerely want to be a part of the Solihin ya Allah, Amin. :')"

Ps: for further reading, feel free to browse Al Jazeera Egypt. 
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