Monday, June 10, 2013

Today was a bad day.

Salam 'alaik.

I felt like a bad kid err I mean student today. I don't really sleep in lectures you know, but when I do, I slept almost half way of the lectures. My head was swinging right and left, back and forth, oh man, what in the world has gotten into me?

I do know actually. But aiyoyo Nurul, you got to buck up la. Seriously. I'd take extra supplement to be extra energetic. T_T. Maybe I'm just being a tad too drama queen here. Everyone else could cope with it, so why can't you? Please don't be the 'nila' who contaminate a bucket of milk (or so the proverb says in malay haha).

You. Have. To. Reflect. Yourself. Dear. Me.

"Cikgu...... I didn't mean to sleep right in front of you. You were not boring at all, I like your lecture, but I think syaitan had build a slum on my eyelashes, so that's why I could not open up my eyes no more. (My god, imagine that literally. So scary!)."


Dear me. Please be extra hard on yourself.

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