Saturday, June 22, 2013

Its study week againnnn!


Hye everyone, hope you're doing great anywhere you are. So yeah, my study week has commenced since last 18th June. Done with clinical training exam and Pathobiology practical exam. That would be my last practical exam, InshaAllah. :)

Thanks to practical exams for the 3 years of company, never once you had failed to wreck my nerve, disturb my bowel and test my sympa and whatsoever every morning of exam. Haha. It was funny to recall the time we'd burned midnight's oil together, writing the diagnosis and characteristics of pathology jars just to make sure we remember it by heart, the scrutiny we'd done over hundreds of histology slides, confusing super tiny parasites slides over and over again. Sure is the bittersweet part of taking up MBBS. Seriously, you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. (Lol, did I quote it correctly?)

Time sure flies fast, isn't it. I'm almost done with preclinical year, inshaAllah. Next sem, I'm gonna start my 3 years, other half of MBBS course. I'd ordered my stethoscope as well just to get the 'feeling' you know, teehee. ;)

I can't wait to get back to le home sweet home. Yes, I did came home last winter break, so I shouldn't be so homesick shouldn't I? But can I say what it did to me instead is only the even stronger urge to come back again? Haha. Strange things remains so strange. Can't wait to see the faces of the loved ones! Anyhow it's quite hazy back in Johor. Muar is the most affected place I know, hopefully rain would come soon to soak up all those smogs. Lets pray for the best, shall we.

Talking about coming home, its quite frightening you know. Why? Hehe. Its quite private. There's so much things to jaga and istiqamah from. Huhu. And also loads to stay off from. I hope I could do it. I hope everyone could do it too. :) Lets pray for the best, okay!

Till then, toodles! :)

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