Monday, March 11, 2013

Midnight rant

Hehe its funny how stressful my previous entry was. I even realized I did frowned a bit reading it again. Sooo gonna laugh my heart out when I read it in another 5 years time. The so called medstudent syndrome apart from hypochondriasis eh. XD

Had nothing to say, just wanna write down couple of rows (doesn't look one) for the sake of pushing the last entry down, so that no one is ever aware of its existence.

I was going to put a whole paragraph of 'Aaaaaaaaaa' in the last entry actually. You know as a sign of my veghy stghess vightual scgheaming hahaha. But I decided not to cause it would be a tad too........... embarassing? Lol. Whatever. The thing is, I always feel better after a writing therapy regardless how bipolar the article would turn out. As long as my limbic system is put at ease, anything will do. Haha


Hmmm study is good actually despite the tonnes of infos to key in into the mister I-hope-itsa-computer brain. If only theres a usb cable connecting the books and the brain. Again, theres no joy in victory without hardworks.

So there goes the ranting. Now my bed needs me. Eh me needs the bed teehee.

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