Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't read!

Salam 'alaik.

I'm emotionally unstable and really at the edge of breaking down. I dunno what and why this happens to me much to my frustration! I feel like snapping to everyone but I dunno to who and why. This is emo entry, read it or leave it as I dont expect anyone to read this piece of emo junk. Sorry dear bloggie for having to keep this in ur archive but I really dont want to rob anyone's time to pour my emo whine and whatnots. I dunno why but why is this early sem is soooo hard on me? Its not about the study. Ok maybe a little. But its something else. Maybe abt a person. But I dont think it can affect me to this extent. Is it the place? Its so not fair of me to blame them. You, why are u like this?

Calm down and take a deep breath. Organize ur stuff. First thing first. Take ur time and just ignore the negativities. Ignore ur dark assumption, be positive and forgiving. Life is so short and nothing to contain ur hate and negativities. Theres many other enthrallments to bring into ur life. Just go with the flow, get rid of hatred, stride forward with a smile, just go on and by time, u will realize everything's going in ur direction. Besides, isn't life is a teacher too? Though at moments, it could be a harsh and tiring teacher but it gives u skill with time.

Just live happily. Theres nothing u couldn't do if Allah says you can do!! Have faith in that and pray to Him. Learn some hard times so u could appreciate the later joy times.

Ok end of typing heart out therapy.
I pray to Allah to bless everyone with smoothness in ur life. Be positive! :))

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