Thursday, October 4, 2012


I wait eagerly for the time when I am obliged to scribble ultra scientific words on papers, of which only the ones studying it will know the meaning, making reports on cases, getting stressed out thinking and wondering with teammates to come up with a diagnosis, discussing with people I don't know about their loved ones, keeping up with the ever advancing medical drugs and procedures, when grotesque wound and abscess won't be enough to make me puke, when the sight and smell of blood become parts of life, the time when walking in faster-than-F1 pace is a routine, the time when losing 5 kgs over a week is not a miracle, the time when everything I say can cause a change. 

Precisely, the time when I will finally become a doctor. :)

It's a profession I have decided to pursue without anyone's force, I am the one wanting my life to be like that and hence, I anticipate it. :)

The lesson is hard and difficult. But I believe any other courses would be just as hard as mine. It's whether you are strong enough and willingly persevere enough to go through them because candies doesn't taste as sweet after a sip of tea.

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