Thursday, October 4, 2012

A tad scary side of me. Maybe. Not.

I need a space to babble so I finally come here to do that.

I wasn't upset or what, it's just that I regret for not being extra vigilant and be so reckless to forget such a thing.

We met the house owner to pay rent for October. We also did ask whether there is still some balance from that LE 600 we paid before?

Before going back to Malaysia, we paid LE 600 for the house bill (the phone line, electricity, water, lift, and cleaning); LE 100 per month since April to September. I don't mind about April to July because we occupied the house well.

But we were not in the house during August and September, so how could the bill gets to LE 100 just the same, isn't it? There should be some balance somewhere but this house owner of mine said the money is 'kholas' which means gone for good!

And you expect me to buy that huh? It was quite a mess to deal with since there is this freaking awful language barrier between me and him so to make things easy and short, I decided to just go with the flow. And the baddest thing was I forgot the crucial thing that I should ask him. The receipt!!! I didn't ask him about the receipt! I should have though!!

The thing is, I'm not that disturbed by the money but, justice people, justice! I don't like him to think us Malaysians as some idiot, kind hearted, easy to fool fellows. I won't allow that!

So, final decision! Tomorrow I'm gonna meet him again wearing the best smile ever and ask him to show me the receipt. Why can the bill gets to LE 100 when there's not a single human living inside?! Though I'm a bit shaken up buy hey I can at least show him that I care and I know. I'm not that silly to allow you to fool me around. Come on, show him some guts! Yeah.

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