Saturday, October 20, 2012


Salam 'alaik.

To think back how my life has been for all these years, I can say that I'm nothing but who I am today, thanks to my family members and my dear friends. You know how they say friends are like your family?

I'm very grateful that He has sent me numerous friends who are willing to help me go through everything there are in life. It's true that friends are the ones who coloured up and cheer my days. And I believe everyone has their own special friends. So do I. I do have two special friends whom I treasure the most. Hehe.

One is back in my country. One is here with me in Alexandria. They are the ones I trust most and know me inside and out. Has seen me in my good and baddest shape, has been beside me through thick and thin, has given me the advices at times I need them most, the ones I always could count on, and for sending them to me and made our path crossed each other, I thank you Allah.


This is actually something very delicate and cheesy to talk about in front of them. Cause confessing my heart isn't something I do best.

Nevertheless, what I'm saying is that Allah always has the best plan for you. Because He is our Helper. In fact, the Greatest Helper. He doesn't make life hard without purpose. He gives you that because He believes you are strong enough to withstand it. "

For every difficulty, there is relief" He says in Quran.

I know it's easier said than done but hey, think about this when the time comes and InsyaAllah, you gonna do just fine and pass the test with flying colourful rewards/pahala. Hehe.

Only that you are the one who have to see and decide, which part of your life, do you think is the best plan He has made for you.

If you are sulking on life, how God has treated you, then think about your purpose of life, why He has sent you here in the first place. Have you fulfill them all? Or maybe you're the one who are unable to choose which part of life is the best present given by Him.

Stop sulking, and make a move now!
Be a good servant of His, make something beneficial to the mankind and our mother nature. That is our life purpose actually as what was told in our Holy Quran. For those who believe, there's always a relief because He is the Greatest Helper. Just do it and pray. :)


  1. rasa macam baca esei bdk primary school yg teror bi kat klas ..hahaha!
    wondering spe yg ade kat mlaysia n alex tu? hmmmm..

  2. Hmmmmm, who are they really? Hehe. Udah tau, nanya' lagi sih.