Thursday, July 12, 2012

The One I Look Up To

Last year, I was down with this killer toothache before doing the root canal treatment. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I would be woken up by the pain. It was a pure agony and a form of torture, seriously. You know how they say toothache is one of the most painful pains you could ever face? Yeah, it is. I've been there.

So, in those final days of Ramadhan, we were back in kampung to celebrate Hari Raya. There was one night, I was awakened from sleep due to the throbbing pain, and I went up searching for my mom. I need panadol! Or any NSAIDs available. She asked me to search in my grandmother's room so I went there.

And I saw someone.

It affects me well. It changed the way I want to be in future. I looked up to him more that I saw him doing something very memorable that night.

My paternal grandmother couldn't walk by herself, even now. So, there, I saw my eldest brother was accompanying my grandmother to the toilet. He escorted my grandmother, while holding her tightly, walking her to the nearby toilet slowly and gently. I think he was alone then. I don't remember it vividly. But, my point  is, as everyone was sleeping soundly, he's the only one who's been up, helping my grandmother. That requires energy and patience. Handling old people is not easy you know. Children helping their parents is normal, but grandchildren taking care of their grandparents is rare. Don't you think so?

You know how some of us, felt awkward and shy to kiss our mum and dad in front of other people? He teaches me never to be one. He would hug and kiss Mak and Abah like it's nobody's bussiness, in airport and during raya. And thanks to his attitude, I learn from that. I mean, it's not like who you are depends on who and how your siblings are, but they help in moulding yourself, though.  

I'm proud of him. Really. Even once upon a time, we were like cat and dog, but now he is the one I adore most. This might sounds cheesy and whatnot and I know he might be reading this, but hey you, I'm proud of you, bro! (smiley face) 


I hope one day in the bright future, I would be able to take care of my parents despite the bizarre life ahead. Especially my mother because I am the only daughter she has while my father has 4 boys to boss around HEHE. On the day, they are not able to do something, I wish I'm going to be the one who would make them able to. I pray for that, insyaAllah. 

I want to serve them the way they had served me when I was a demanding baby, a difficult child, a demanding youth again and so on. In fact, I want to serve them even more. I hope and I pray to be one 'anak solehah' for them, insyaAllah. :) 

Note 1: Suddenly felt like writing this. I guess I miss my family too much and no, I'm not crying while typing this. And no, my brother didn't tip me for telling you this. Teehee. It's just something I want to share with you guys. 

Note 2: I'm forever grateful for everything and everyone Allah has blessed me with. Yes, including my friends and the hot-tempered baba 'slash' owner of my Egypt house. I'll go with the saying, everything and everyone comes out in your life as a message either you realized it or not.  

Guess that's it. Till then. 

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