Friday, March 23, 2012

He's always there and always will. Make the best!

Salam hari Jumaat . :)

In a good  mood today I am, I'd say.
Dah habis baca Sophie Kinsella latest book ; I've Got Your Number. But this time, I read it not on papers but on screen. Hewhew. Thanks to Jeeja for introducing me to this website. Here, kite boleh choose which books to download and read in on your screen. Lappy boleh, iPod ke iPad pun boleh. Huishh. Kalau module CVS ni boleh convert masuk iPod pun bagus jugak. Hewhew.

Kat Spain dulu, the people sgt rajin membaca. Dalam metro, semua orang pegang a book, a magazine, newspaper but majority have the Kindle stuff in their hands. Yup, they are sophisticated people like that. We Malaysians can be too. Pernah je naik KTM dari Seremban to Sungai Buloh sambil baca P/S I Love You. No one pays any attention to you, anyway.

So, the results has been announced. The 3rd sem results. I mean they didn't announce it saying first place and so on. We had to fill our seat number in the university portal and tadaaa there it was. I was that nervous if you asked me. Pale, shaking all that. Nervous breakdown, in and out. But Alhamdulillah. All praise to Him, I passed the exams.

I'd say I'm a bit taking the character of 'yoyo' through these exams stuff throughout my life so far. You know, sometimes up and sometimes down. Now, I am down. But InsyaAllah, will put many efforts to make the best. I don't really compare my marks with the fellow friends who obviously get high scores like that. But this one person I looked up stated in his fb status something like this: 'Never compare your results with your friends. Just compare it to your previous results and that's enough'. (I was paraphrasing and the words aren't that touchy as it used to in fb, sorry for that)

''Don’t compare yourself to others, that’s when you start to lose confidence in yourself.. have faith in Him..^^'' (This is the original quote. Apehal tak sama langsung ngan ayat aku? HAHA)


Congratulations to all SPM candidates in SMAPL for that outstanding achievement. I've heard it is the best in 30 years. Beating up those records setted up in the 90's is that true?
Not forgetting to Maahad Muar. Heard you guys did well too in Muar. Whatever it is, all thanks to Him and to our teachers for being there for us the 5 years we studied in school. Indeed, teachers are the second of our parents.
And why is that I feel like I'm giving a valedictorian's speech here?


To my two little (they are not that little) brothers, I wish you All the Best in the upcoming exams. This PMR and SPM are going to shape your future, giving you a light on what shall you do in future. So, break a leg!

And special dedication to me tooo! Nurul, study hard. Break a leg too!!! Its about making your best, okay. He's always there ready for you to report to Him every seconds. So why can't you?  Yes I can do it! Hewhew. Motivated like that. Its not that I didn't do the best but truth be told, I had never finish the book as in really finish and understand the content before the exam. That's why. So lets put an end to that chapter, move on and break a leg! HAHA.

I don't mean those 'break a leg' wish literally. It's a substitute of good luck actually. Equivalent of. It's a superstition among dancers that wishing good luck is actually a bad luck so they use 'break a leg' instead. I just googled it by the way.

Ok goodbye. Nak masak spagethi today. Lame tak makan. :D (Fadzli would really love my spagethi I can safely bet a....... my iPod?) Ok harap dapat mem produce spagethi yg enak. Hewhew.



  1. like3!huhu..ko ni knpe cm touched je ;(

  2. Mana de touching la. Hehehe sesaje jek serius sket :D