Saturday, October 29, 2011



Hye, it was a good day today where we cooked and ate and made juice with our brand new 7 in 1 blender, till just minutes ago. Somebody called me to tell that my passport has gone missing! Can you I believe that?! I don't know where things has gone wrong. I confidently assure you and myself, that I had passed my passport to someone seated in front of me to pass it to Fazira who sat a row in front of her weeks ago. So, InsyaAllah there's no one who could be more stupid enough to steal it because I ain't Jennifer Lopez to be sure.

Secondly, when my SR was announcing the names-who-haven't-submit the passport, my name was not even listed there. Which means (and every got-brain people must understood) my SR already get hold of my passport. Ahhh, please please please I hate formalities. I never want to make a new passport here in Egypt. Like.....whaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt?!!!  I hope that it is just a false alarm. I hope they just didn't look thoroughly enough.

Please pray that they found my passport back. Because I just hate to renew it for some me-not-guilty reason.


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