Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Melangkah-langkah di KL


Ace teka kita kat mane ni ha??? Hehehe.

Klu pertama:
Klu kedua:

Saye berada kat tingkat 5 bangunan Berjaya Time Square atau lebih glamour dikenali sbg Cosmoworld!
Teehee. Best. My second time being there. Before, with my family but now with my friends. Alexandrian friends of mine! The roller coaster has been modified like tremendously and so the ride was even thriller than before. Yeah, I do remember slightly how the first one felt like. Now, it has 2 parts where they make you turn  upside down. Like a circle. A thrill short ride. But I prefer the short track rather than almost kilometres track because you don't know what's gonna happen up there. And being must-feel-secure me, I don't trust long ride on roller coaster.
Sha, savouring the sausage waffle. Not bad. I asked her to pose like that for some photogenic issue. Haha.

Mekli and me. Notice that I wore a long shirt there. Almost like a dress. That was a gift from a precious friend; Sabrina. It was my first time wearing a long shirt and yeah I felt so demure though in reality nothing looks that way at all. Haha. But hey, I can now understand what they mean by saying 'You are what you wear' (it's my saying actually) because I felt obliged to be very well mannered that day. Or so I felt.

This picture was taken by an unknown amoi during our uncountable return to play bumper car. Or what we called a practice before JPJ test. Haha. Oh my, luckily I had done my JPJ test as it was really a tiresome activity. And even now, due to some problem in I-don't-fit-with-this-car issue, I had never really been driving out of my housing area. Pity me. And ngade-ngade me also. Only the four of us managed to get there, but even there's only four, we succeded in making it feel like 10 people attended that day. Muahaha.

What happen to my right eye? 

Almost reached the end of the day. I was begging Mekli to escort me to play the Orbit-something game after this picture was snapped. Haha. And after that all of us took the second ride on the Supersonic Odyssey (the roller coaster) and then the bumper car again (again) and then heading home.

Such a pleasure day spent with awesome friends. Memorable enough to be reminisced after getting back to Egypt.


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