Friday, March 11, 2011

Ecstatic, yes!

Hai eberibadi.

9 more days before flying back 'home'.

I am ecstatic! No! Of course not because I'm going back. It is because I get to spend the holiday with my brothers but no sister!


Alhamdulillah. I feel like my heart filled with flowers! =P  Still don't have any plans what we're gonna do during the holiday. Maybe some 'friendly' badminton tournament with the brothers. LOL. I can't play tennis much to their disappointment (?), I know that. Ali had just arrived home with one of his friend. Blerghh I have to walk in the house with shawl now. T_T Ok, just remember Him so it's fine.


  1. oke, selamat selamat la bermanje manje dgn adeks ye ekau! :D

  2. haha. yeh, suke manje-manje ngn adek kan. kan. qila, jgn bohong. tak baik. =P