Thursday, December 16, 2010

Of bitter and sweet for just being here

Have you ever feel this sudden blues come to your day without invitation? Yeah, I am feeling this now. And that was the reason why I post this in the first place. You know why?

Just now, my friend showed me a picture of her with her mother during the day we flew to Cairo. You know the all tears-sober-fake-happy face? Definitely those kind of pictures. And yeah reading sincere comment from my friend's father about letting her daughter go more or less touched my heart. I felt like crying.

I am one of those who made the fake-happy face that night. I didn't cry at all in front of my family. Oh but not that strong, I guess. Somehow I think my family could really see my eyes getting tad wet. Well, who can be that strong, man. To leave your family and home and country. And to leave whatever important occasions going to happen during the study interval provided it's not a short one. And topmost you're not even 18 (in my case). But anyhow, I do arrive here, study and alive and kicking and blogging, so yeah. HAHAHA.

Sometimes, I am thinking hard, whether it was a correct decision to study here. You know, I spent too little a time with my family at home. I was in boarding school since 13 years old. And upon reaching 18, I am away again. To some extent, I once thought about going back home and study there. But yeah, you know I absolutely can't reverse. I mean who would have that much money to repay MARA? unless you have some big shot daddy with mountains of wealth.

But that was all the story when I was only 1 month old here. When there was no single so called Monday blues because everyday were blues. HAHA Now I am much older. And wiser. And more mature. LOL I just can't believe I am saying myself mature. LMAO. Ok, whoever think that statement just stink, please erase it in your heart. =P

Till then people. This is somehow a serious entry isn't it? Hey you got to be serious sometimes. Life isn't just of laugh and kicks.


  1. absence makes the heart grow fonder tiqah:) nanti dah tue kang , mesti family kau bosan tgk muke kau. HAHA