Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hello, World


There is one thing I want to say here.

I feel a lot more motivated today. How?

By sleeping all day long, and by watching another korea horror movie with the girls. And yeah, no study at all. At least in the day. Oh, not to forget about the big prolem yesterday. It has been solved! I am seriously glad, praise to Him.

So now, I am going to study. Haha

Tomorrow, I'll have TBL(team based learning) class regarding cystic fibrosis and another thing called cell signaling.

So yeah, after listening attentively to the talk by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abd Aziz yesterday, I feel seriously fresh. He told us how he used to fret when he got Very Good grade during his first year (which for me is not necessary). But it sure was a 'pang' to himself as he was a top student back then who used to get Excellent in all exams.

And he told us how to be excellent doctors.

He simply said this:

I want to be a good doctor, to help people around me, So, GO FOR IT!

And I realize that it all depends on your determination. And some intelligence Allah gives us too. What matter here is how we really push ourselves to acheive the target. Yes, and my target is to be an excellent, prominent and good doctor.

Oh I surely has become one so optimistic girl today. Applause applause. HAHA

By the way, the above prof. specialised in O&G. And he delivered all 5 of his children himself. So tell me how sweet is that.

Till then people, I hope my optimism will sprinkle in your life too.


  1. yg las skali tu sweet..bab sambot anak sniri..nak gaaaaakkk!!!! hehehehehehe.... *asek2 muke aku kat komen ko ni...encik tqah..cekla email..aku da invite ko meh~* hahaha...

  2. it is sweet :) kem salam prof tu bleh.haha ;p

  3. metot!! haha, takpe2, at least meriah sikit ade ko kat sini. oh ok2, aku pi check sat.

    penguin: kirim salam dalam hati je la, boleh? =P