Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good night people

When emotion strucks
The sun turns clouds
The clouds turn rains
And I here feel the rush
Deep in the veins

When this time comes
You feel like crying
The whole heart out
So that nothing upset remains
And happiness comes again

But this gonna take some times
Of efforts and feelings
The sudden change of emotion
O' don't let it drag you
Though it's hard
It's worth trying

This emotion spurs in yourself
Being torn up to the utmost
Should I stand this sudden change
For the next freaking 6 years
And not to forget another half year?
Should I?

O' I know this is not going far
For I'm sure this kinda vain
For writing in this form
Hahahaha so not me ea

But everything in this world
Is supposed to be tried
So why don't try?
Ah and please exclude
Those not-worth-trying stuff
Should I hand you examples?
You know yourself deep inside that
Juicy brain of yours

So now, I will just stop
Babbling and ranting
For tomorrow holds so many things
I'm going after the joy of life
Please, the pure joy include Him in your list
Enough for now
For I'm sure many are annoyed here
Reading some ngongek worth-trying stuff
Good night, people.....

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