Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Story at the time being

Salam 'alaik people.

It has been quite a while since I last blog here. Almost a week. Yeah, a week is a long time, for me. Tehee. Life is dull. Is it?

Keep doing the same thing everyday. Lots of my friend were absent due to the dengue fever. And the saddest thing is one of my housemates got it too. Pity her. Am seriously looking forward for her to come back to college.

And this Thursday going to be our KiTT Day. Am taking part in choral speaking. Tell you what, I had left this choral speaking stuff about 6 years already. And now going to be part of it again. So I must say, this is kind of nerve-wrecking thing for me. Booyah.

And so much thing to do yet so little time. Among the things are:

  1. Futsal training. Yeah I'm in my class futsal team. Specially formed for KiTT Sports Day. I am also in track events. 100m, 4x100m and 4x200m. Just believe it babes. Obese or excess adipose tissues reasons are not acceptable. So yeah, there I am. Haha.
  2. Choral speaking training. And drama training, (can I?). I hate stage fright!!!!! Go away you SF!!!
  3. English assignment. An essay including citation and reference and all that jazz. Can we just assume this doesn't exist?
  4. IT assignment. Print and submit. And this one. Can someone else print it for me, pretty please. I'm begging shamelessly. Hehe.
All should be done by this week.

InsyaAllah am going home this Friday. Yay. Good news. But guess I have to go by KTM alone. Bad bad news. Nevertheless, thank God, not a long one, luckily. So, BASYAA!! Or whatever Korean call it.

P/s: Hey I'm going to put an entry about Mat'am Saba' (An arabic reastaurant) next time. We went there yesterday. Gonna rant about the food, the cook and the system. And perhaps some pictures to do the talks.

Till then.


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