Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saya suka assignment, bagilah lagi

Kihkihkih. Agak retarded title di atas ini. Tapi, ada aku kesah?? Ehhh...Ok ok.

Yang sebenarnya, aku sangat bimbangkan pasal diri aku. Sebabnya I have this one bad bad bad habit yang sangat bad bad bad. Hoi hoi. Ok cukup bad sudah. Habit itu ialah procrastinating. Habit kerja bertangguh ni tah bila lah nak luput dari diri aku neh. Haishh..

Macam hari tu, I was told to submit my assignment to our group co-leader, the Him, on this particular date. And a week before the deadline was our exam week. And so, you know what I'd done during that whole week right. Revising and all that. So the assignment went on abandoned by me. Kesian assignment. Hoh. And taraa...The next week came. And the deadline was only days in front. And yet I haven't done anything. At All. Macam gila only. And that assignment require you to do research (of course it did). From books, kitab, and internet.

And truth be told, 2 days before the deadline, I was struggling like a mental with google to finish the assignment. But two days aren't enough. For takat-hidung-punya-celik-IT people like me lah kan. Please, dont compare me with orang orang yang tak sepatutnya. I slept at 2am the night before deadline. Blergh memang mental habisss...And on the next morning, I went to college with my housemate yang ade kereta because I woke up and find myself look like a seriously grotesque zombie. (Oh, overnya!) Tak cukup tidur lah katekan. Hehe. Truth be told again, during my life here (in college till this current date), I've never slept over 12pm until the night before deadline. Ceh dah dengar macam cerita hantu pulak, the night before deadline. Haha. Okla tuh on the bright side, I've make a record myself. (Ehem, did that considered as a record?)

And yeah I've learned from this tragedy. Cewah tragedy tak boleh blah, over kau!.

P/s: Aku tak puas hati dengan ape yang aku buat tu. Ish, I know I can do better. Tapi sebab dah hantar, biarlah......Huhuhu. Sorry la ye kengkawan. My bad....

Ok dah nak makan. Babaiiii....

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