Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Girls Generation

I have this one favourite Korean band. Not Suju (Super Junior). Nope. It's Girls Generation. Some call them SNSD. A group of 9 youth girls. And I must admit their songs are superb. I love them. Ignoring the fact I don't even understand what they are singing.

This is them.

I found this long comment from a fan of SNSD in YouTube. I must say I laughed out loud upon reading his/her comment, like seriously.

The comment goes like this:

i'll tell u a lil bit of my world, i never even listen to pop genre, knows korean language, watched korean shows or even turn on KBSW on the TV b4, doesn't listen to music much, barely even turns on the radio when im driving, im into street racing. (no more by the way). i am really from a different world!! then one day, a friend gave me a link to SNSD's vid, and im like an idiot smiling infront of my PC hahaha

Truth be told, I haven't yet recognize each members' face. I just know their names. I know Seo Hyun, the youngest member. And Soo Young because Hafiz said she looks like me. AHAHA, no lah. She looks like Nabihah, but I don't think so.

Soo Young

Seo Hyun

Thanks to Hafiz who was responsible in introducing this group to me.

Notes: I can't stop blogging these past two days. Maybe because I'm so going to back-to-college.?? I don't know.

Notes: I hate packing things up!

Notes: Yay, Kak Chieka sudah update blog. May Allah bless her. Always.

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