Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.

What is your name : Nurul Atiqah Abu Sahmah

A four Letter Word : Nude- ey im not being pervert

A boy’s Name : Nuruddin-an old friend. HYE!

A girl’s Name : Nuril-an old friend too. MISS!

An occupation : Nurse-of course

A color :
im back from wikianswer. and my answer would be neon pink. get it. there is also nile green, neon orange bla bla bla....internet my saviour indeed!

neon pink daisy. isnt it gorgeous..SUBHANALLAH

Something you’ll wear : i dont wear anything starting with N. ok, next!

A type of food : Noodles

Something found in the bathroom : there's nothing i can found in my bathroom starting with N

A place : Niyang Rapik. can ah..?hoho

A reason for being late : Nursing my baby!LOL-i dont even have a husband. hahaha

Something you’d shout :

A movie title : Niyang Rapik the Movie-oh bosan, balik balik niyang rapik!!

Something you drink :
Nesvita honey!!!-a-must-drink in hostel. can be eaten raw too.

A musical group :
Nowseeheart-nasyid is still musical, no?

An animal : Nightingale-it remind me of florence nightingale. a pioneer nurse, no?

say hye to nightingale

type of car : yeah i know i know. Neoo....*smiling*

A type of fruit :
em an 'n fruit' ? anybody? haaaa, NECTARINE

hye, im nectarine. can be made into jam and yoghurt

~syaufiq, thanks for this~

and for me i would like to tag these 2 peeps:
  • tompel
  • nad
and anybody feel free to try

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