Thursday, April 15, 2010

curi curi snap gambar sgt pathetic ok

just now i was 'flipping' through facebook, and i found a page of sbpi gombak student. ahh, this school have something in common with my school. its kinda funny and annoying, to be honest. that common thing between us is the design of our baju batik. you know the cloth we are obliged to wear whenever we go outside the school. for such, during hksbp, we had a gala dinner. em gala dinner? that might sound too glamourous so nope, its a dinner where tan sri alimuddin md dom joined us. so it was kind of a formal dinner. and like usual, we wore our baju batik. and then we went to PICC from SSP by bus. and you know what, we bumped into some sbpi gombak's students. and well yeah, they were wearing baju batik too and their design was exactly like the one we wore. and it was kinda annoying you know. though we were wearing the PRS batik which is purple in colour while they wore KP batik, blue colour. but still the design on our cloth are the same. then some boys from that school who seems to want ''to bring back the proof'' to their school (maybe to be shown to their schoolmates) snapped our pictures, em not including our faces, of course, our cloth only. but still the act of curi curi mengambil gambar was pathetic to me. why dont you guys asked us sweetly (oh maybe not sweetly), FOR THE SAKE OF MANNER, to take our school contingents pictures together? this way is more well mannered rather than acting like a ''paparazzi''..and well yeah there was another incident where my friend's picture was snapped curi curily using handphone. again, get a life dude. it shows how pathetic and ill mannered you are. tak gentleman ok. haha. enough said. i was just reminiscing the old time. and no offence to those people mentioned in here. this is just an opinion, my point of view for this 'illegal' act. hehehe. so guys take note, sangat mensengkelkan perbuatan ini, dan macam mintak disekeh. sekali buatnya dia tu anak lawyer, mati kau bapak dia saman. again, JANGAN AMALKAN PERBUATAN PATHETIC INI..

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