Monday, April 26, 2010

my day as for today

hari ni the seven of us keluar ke City Square (CS) sebab nak makan kat Seoul Garden yang cume ada kat CS. like seriously die punye branch tak banyak as far as I've googled..yeah thanks to google..

and the Seoul Garden is indeed a very perfect place to eat with friends and family. the food is marvelous like effing yummy. they prepared various marinated meat (chicken, beef, udang and sotong) and all you have to do is grill them or BBQ them on the pan at your table. and yeah, i'll recommend it to you guys. and my family too. haha.

for me, the experience of my first time ever grilling the meat on that pan is memorable. and make us excited too. what with the minyak yang terpercik percik (ahh, that means the api terlalu kuat) and what with the sheer stress learning how to use the is just fun..super effing fun really..especially when you are with your friend, the place got so havoc; people keep pandang pandang to your table..haha, annoyed they were..we know but like us give a shit..*very strong wordss*

ok enough with the Seoul Garden thing..after solat zuhur we went for movie which was not in the original plan actually. We watched The Losers and the movie is ohh-kayy..the dialogue is hillarious able to make us went LOL'ing up in the cinema..

and then stopped over at Jco the donut outlets, get some refreshment and after that went off to Hamid mamak, yeah eating all the dayy...after that went to Kipmart buying DVD..

aaa, the conclusion for today outing is, it's able to replenish the bookaholic+DVDhorlickhohoho
in me. have bought 3 books and 4 DVDs..and yeah i AM ecstatic..

but going there to MPH and POPULAR, it added up my books wishlist; the toymaker and scarpetta...

i've spend much already as for today, so the next time shopping will be long long way after this.

ohkay peeps, good night and have a nice tomorrowss-days..

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