Tuesday, April 6, 2010

kenangan itu indah part ii

wakil sekolah dalam pertandingan bahas.
debating is actually not my nature because im not the type who like to argue about things, i just accept what people say but sometime i do rebut them in my heart. i just dont want to spit it out for the sake of peace no war. the fact is i dont like people feel offended by my words. it is that. i dont know whether this act of mine is good, stupid or maybe noble.? when people say to me something rude (ow that's quite harsh) i mean something enough to piss me off, i just let them. i dont retort back. and sometimes my friends took this act of mine wrongfully by saying i let myself being bullied(mentally). but the thing is i dont like and wouldnt allow myself involve in any fight. back to the debating, i started during form 4 when i went to IIUM as an observer with puteri. and during form 5, we participated in HKSBP and few friendly matches. but seriously this debate stuff helped me a lot in widening my way of thinking and seeing the world, vocab too. because everything in the world has its pros and cons. it all depends on us, on how we deal and adapt with the cons,appreciating the pros and using it well and wisely. oh no, i sound like a cauncellor.=p, excuse me.

extrovert 92, excuse the tiny faces

the candid, yeah us being fried and pity the boys they have to burn out their back fats. haha

ahhh us, the girls, were busy posing for every cameras we saw. the peace sign, the muke comel pose and bla bla bla..

yeah, us again, if you are such a detail person, you must have spotted i did the 'peace' in last 2 pics above.

oh my blood vessel under the cheek keep dilating for the sake of stable body temperature when i ate spicy food and the result is 'revlon blush'. we ate 'soto' and this was breakfast. and im hungry enough on that morning, i finished up 2 plates of soto. hahaha. you can see the empty plate in front of me and i was eating another one. haha, who say you cannot line up twice and eat more in hostel? plus, i usually took puteri's because she seldom went to the DM. halal kan puteri. hahaha

taraa, we are three of the new form 4, coming from SAMSMeL, SAMTAJ and Maahad Muar respectively. khadijah the genius, puteri the slimmest(haha) and me myself. this was taken during our batch dinner. i just cant forget the struggle to adapt in new school, with new friends and teachers. to reveal the truth i cried macam masa form 1, but this time its not bacause of homesickness, it was more to schoolsickness. hehehe. i used to cry with dijah one time, LOL. i miss Maahad and the teachers and the friends. i used to compare almost everything in smap with maahad. about the food, about the people and bla bla bla. the fact is its not easy to put yourself in such a new environment with new people. the oldies already have their stand in that school while me, the freshies need to start from nil, zero. but a very special+great+lots-of-love thanks to the oldies ie my batch for supporting us, kindly welcoming us, treating us with no bias, boys and girls, you guys are so kind. and you guys should be flattered because no freshies did move to their old school back. takda langsung. and all that because of you guys the oldies. bazzilion of thanks again. =)).

aku jumpa gamba gamba neh kat facebook nas tadi. tiba tiba aku teringat kat smap labu terchenta. =p, kejenye skang neh asek nak teringat ingat je kat smap labu. nampak sangat rindu zaman muda muda. haha. muda sangat la tu kan. baru bape ari lepas aku mengentry pasal skola. neh lagi sekali. huhu. yeah, i miss the school like seriously!(credits to nas for the pictures. it brings back the memory)

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